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I learnt how to make this snack from my mother-in-law. When I first saw her make, it seemed effortless but I was soon proved wrong the moment I had the dough in my hand. Oh my GOD! learning how to make it perfectly is still a lesson in learning for me. This is my second attempt and the murukku’s are nothing like the ones made by the pro but nonetheless its made by me and its homemade. Thankfully,my kids love the taste and care less for its perfectness and I feel good that I’m not feeding them some processed junk for snack. All the more, it gives me an opportunity to practice, and this is one of those dishes that needs practice to make it perfect! I am sending this entry to “Walk Through The Memory Lane” started by Gayathri and hosted by Roshan (for March 2012).



Idli rice(Par Boiled Rice) –2 cups

Urad Dal Flour –1/4 cup

Unsalted Butter(at room temperature)–3/4 stick (about 3 oz)

Salt –to taste

Jeera(Cumin seeds) –1 Tbsp

Asafetida — pinch


1. Wash and soak idli rice in water for 2 hours.

2. Grind it in wet grinder/mixer in to a smooth fine paste.

3. If you don’t have urad dal flour, sautee urad dal in a pan without oil till golden brown and grind it in to a fine powder.

4. Add urad dal flour, salt, butter, jeera, asafetida and mix well. The dough should not be water nor very hard but should be soft pliable dough.

5. In a paper towel or clean white cloth, make round with dough while twisting between your fingers. Make few murukkus.

6. Keep oil for frying and when hot, fry the murukkus in medium flame until the bubbling from the murukku stops.

7. Drain excess oil in paper towel and store in airtight container.


1. If your riceflour or the dough after mixing all the ingredients is loose, spread them in a paper towel. Excess water will be absorbed in the paper towel.

2. On the other hand if the dough is too firm, it will be difficult to shape the dough in to murukkus, sprinkle little water and make it to a consistency that you can easily shape.

3. As mentioned earlier, this murukku needs lot of practice. There are couple of excellent youtube videos explaining how to make these murukkus.

4. I saw a tip in one of the youtube videos that you can take little bit of idli batter, let it dry in paper towel and make 2 to 3 murukkus and practice. Once you get a hang of how to make it, you can try it in large scale.

IMG 0078



IMG 0340

Grind soaked rice in to a fine paste.

IMG 0347

Add all the ingredients in step four and make murukkus on paper towel.

IMG 0079

Fry 4 or 5 per batch in oil and store in airtight container.


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  1. Kai murukku has come out perfect. Looks delicious too…

  2. hi Jayanthi….thanks for linking it to WTML….hope to see more murukku varieties…



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