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Today is my Day 3, Blogging Marathon#14. I had lot of ideas jotted down when I signed up for the “traditional recipes with a twist” theme. This is one of the ideas and the experiment did not turn out as I expected in the shape but it surpassed my expectations in the taste. The main idea of this recipe was to make modakams (kozhukattai) that we make on Ganesh Chathurthi in puff pastry instead of the traditional rice flour dough. It started out well, meaning, I was able to make a modified poornam filling, fill the puff pastry with it and shape it in to modakams. But, once in the oven, the filling started to ooze out of the puff pastry and it was like volcanic larva oozing out of the mini modakams. I was so skeptical of the taste, but I patiently waited for the pastries to brown. My husband and kids thankfully cared less for the shape and the taste of the pastries were so delicious with the crisp pastries in the outside and sweet poornam filling inside. Will I try to make this with modifications next time to get the right shape? You bet!!! Because of its delicious taste I couldn’t wait till my second try to share it with you all.


Jaggery (Molasses) –1/3 cup

Coconut (Shredded) –1/3 cup

Sweetened condensed milk –100g (1/2 cup)

Cardamon powder –a pinch

Puff pastry sheet — 1 ( I used store bought. The brand I used is peppridge farm)


1. In a small pan, add jaggery powder with 2 Tbsp of water. Let the jaggery dissolve in the water and let it boil. Add cardamon powder and coconut and mix well. Let the jaggery and coconut filling get thick that they can be made in to small balls. (I hurried this step and removed it early. May be thats the reason the filling started to ooze out.)

2. Now add sweetened condensed milk and mix well. Keep stirring till the poornam filling is thick and can be shaped in to balls.

3. Thaw frozen puff pastry sheet at room temperature 40 mins before starting this recipe. Preheat oven to 375 F.

4. Cut out a circle shape from the thawed pastry sheet (I used a small cup to cut the circle). Roll the dough with a rolling pin and place a tablespoon of filling in the center.

5. Take two opposite ends of the circle and while holding this, pleat the entire outer part of the circle to form a shape of modakam.

6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 with other pastries. I could make 9 modakams with the given poornam filling measurements.

7. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper (As I mentioned, the poornam filling might ooze out). Bake the pastries in the oven till they turn golden brown. Enjoy!!!

IMG 0794


IMG 0786

Melt jaggery. Add coconut, cardamon powder, and sweetened condensed milk. Let the mixture thicken so that it can be made in to balls.

IMG 0787

Cut out a circle from pastry dough and flatten with a rolling pin.


IMG 0788

Add a Tbsp of filling and close them in the shape of modakam.

IMG 0789

Arrange all the modakams in a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Bake in 375F till the pastry turns brown. Enjoy!!!

IMG 0790



IMG 0803


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  24 Responses to “Puff Pastry with Poornam Filling”

  1. Traditional Modakams, Baked, Wow!!! Looks real Yum & Tasty, bookmarking them!!!!

  2. these look so cute…perfect!

  3. Yum Yum Yum..surely love this idea!..I know it must have been so flaky and the jaggary must have added extra kick!..great one

  4. wow!!!bAKED MODAKAMS…….Lovely….definetely BM is making us think out of the box!!!!1

  5. awesome and really hot……

  6. You know what? the oozed out look kind of makes them cute :)!

  7. Thanks Priya, Mirelle, Srivalli, Veena, Preeti & Rajani.

  8. awesome idea..a very interesting twist to the traditional modak 🙂
    Btw, was the filling a little on the runny side? otherwise I don’t see a reason for the filling to ooze out.

  9. Thanks Harini, as mentioned in my post, I suspected the same too. I was in a hurry to remove the filling before it got thick. I should have waited but you know sometimes the urge to see the end result just makes you impatient!!!

  10. Beautiful idea n lovely looking snack…interesting n innovative twist to the traditional one…loved it!!
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  11. Nice twist to an authentic recipe…

  12. The oozed out poornam is giving another name to the sweet.
    “Molten poornam modaks” just like molten lava cake.

  13. Oh i love this twist :).. Never thought puff pastry sheet can be used for kozhakattai :).. Super idea jayanthi.. Loved it !

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  14. what a delicious idea ! and looks super yum ! if only I could get my hands on puff pastry sheets, where I live…

    Sizzling Tastebuds
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    • I know its easier to just use store bought puff pastry sheets. But if you are really interested, they are not that hard to make either.

  15. Baked version sounds delicious and yum..

  16. Super twist they looks so crisp and yumm.

  17. Thanks PJ and Padma.

  18. I bet these were delectable!

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