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Winter Melon has no distinct taste or flavor of its own. But its highly nutritious and is a good source of Vitamin B and dietary fiber. In Chinese medicine, winter melon is used in treating minor urinary tract problems. Usually we remove the skin from the winter melon and throw them away. Next time when you remove the skin and find it to be very tender, think twice about throwing it away. This recipe uses only the tender skin(green or frosted green) of winter melon and not the white part. You can serve this thuvayal with idli, dosa or rice.

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Tender skin of winter melon –1/2 cup

Red Chillies —8 (The red chillies I have is not that hot, so if yours is very hot you may want to use only 4 or 5)

Urad Dal –2 Tbsp

Asafetida –1/4tsp

Salt –to taste

Oil –1 Tbsp

Tamarind –a small bit


1. Cut the tender skin of winter melon in to small pieces for easy grinding.

2. Heat oil in a kadai, add red chillies followed by urad dal. Add tamarind and asafetida and fry till urad dal turns reddish brown.

3. Transfer them to a plate and let it cool. Now fry the winter melon skin for 2 mins and let it cool completely.

4. Grind the mixture from step 2 to a coarse powder. Now add the winter melon skin and grind further with enough water to make a thick consistency. Add salt and enjoy the thuvyal with a meal of your choice.

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  1. I made this chutney for dosa. It tasted good. The red Chillies which I use is hot.I used 4 red chillies – it was very spicy. So I added a little more tamarind to it.

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