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My mom doesn’t cook anything with garlic because my dad doesn’t eat garlic. But she cooks amazing kara kuzhambu when she visits me. She gave me two recipes for kara kuzhambu and I as usual wanted the best of both worlds. So I combined both recipes in to one and the kuzhambu I make is very spicy, sour, tangy, salty and very very tasty especially when eaten after a day.


Tamarind — lemon size

Water –2 cups

Garlic — about 10 pods

Fennel seeds –1 Tbsp

Coconut (shredded) –2 Tbsp

Red Chillies –3 + 1 for seasoning

Dhania –1 Tbsp

Small Onions(pearl onions) –10 (peeled)

Mustard seeds –1 Tbsp

Channa Dal –2 Tbsp

Fenugreek seeds –5 seeds

Sambar powder –1/2 Tsp

Gingely oil (sesame oil) –3 Tbsp

Vegetable oil/Canola oil –1 Tbsp

Salt — to taste

Curry leaves –few


1. In a pan heat 1 Tbsp of canola oil and add red chillies, fennel seeds, dhania, 3 small onions and 5 garlic pods, coconut one after another and fry till golden brown. Grind these ingredients in to a fine paste and keep aside.

2. Take thick pulp from tamarind using 2 cups of water. Heat 3 Tbsp of sesame oil, add mustard seeds, fenugreek seeds, 1 red chilli, channa dal and fry for a min. Add rest of small onions and garlic and fry till they turn golden brown.

3. Add sambar powder and fry for a min and then add the thick tamarind pulp. Add salt and let it boil till the raw smell of tamarind goes away.

4. Now add the grounded paste from step 1 and let it boil till the kuzhambu thickens. Pinch the curry leaves and add it. Enjoy it with rice.

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