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Don’t be intimidated by the name and don’t ask me if I learnt Kannada or Telugu in a day. Thanks to Nagashree for giving the English name in the title which I didn’t to instill your curiosity. Ok, “Mavinakayi Chitranna” means Mango Rice. Its been a while that I’ve made any prepared rice. I narrowed down couple of recipes from Nagashree’s blog (sattvaa.blogspot) for my first “Blog Hop” Wednesdays. The first recipe I wanted to actually make was, “foxtail millet” pongal. I’ve never heard of this millet nor have I seen it, so with my curiosity increasing and with the advice of Nagashree I went off to my local Chinese store in search of the millet. I was searching for this millet aisle after aisle and finally asked one of the person working in the store, he showed a neutral facial expression and I assumed he understood clearly what I wanted. I followed him like a choo-choo train through the entire store and after giving me the tour he pointed to another lady and signalled to repeat my question and that’s when I understood he doesn’t speak English and I don’t speak no Chinese you see. What a bummer!!! I repeated patiently the name of the millet and finally had to write it down but the way she pronounced it, I was clear she had no clue of what I was looking for and there was no point in further extending my search in that store as my patience was wearing out. I decided I’ll have to try the pongal for another day and proceeded mentally to the next recipe on my list. I’ve never made mango rice and definitely not by grinding the mangoes and coconut in to a chutney and mixing with rice. The prepared rice had a mix of spicy and tangy taste and the idea of garnishing with shredded mangoes and peanuts added an extra kick to this delicious recipe. Most of Nagashree’s recipes are very traditional to her region and her stories and write up are very interesting to read. My daughter who is fanatic to tropical fruits, loved this rice and was thanking me so much for making it. Sending this entry to Divya’s “Showcase ” event and to Pradnya’s “Mango Mania “.


Mango — 1 medium sized (shredded)

Coconut — 3 Tbsp (frozen/fresh shredded)

Red chillies — 4 to 5 (I had to use more because mine is not that hot)

Peanuts — 1/4 cup (the recipe calls for only 2 Tbsp …I like more crunch so added more, adjust this to your taste)

Curry leaves — 5 to 6 leaves

Turmeric powder — 1/2 tsp

Channa Dal –2 to 3 Tbsp

Mustard seeds — 3 Tbsp

Salt — to taste

Oil –2 Tbsp

Cooked rice — 1 1/2 cups (I used basmati rice and cooked in rice cooker. Any variety of rice can be used, make sure the rice is cooked so that the grains are separate).


1. Remove skin from mango and shred them finely and keep aside. First, grind red chillies and mustard seeds in to a powder. Reserve about 3 Tbsp of shredded mango for garnishing (Note: You can reserve more or less based on your taste preference). Now add shredded mango and shredded coconut along with little water and grind them in to chutney like consistency.

2. Heat oil in a kadai, and add the ground chutney. Stir frequently and cook till all the moisture from the chutney evaporates and the raw mustard smell goes away.

3. Spread the rice in a big plate/bowl and add the chutney, salt and mix. For seasoning, heat oil in a small pan, add mustard seeds and let it splutter. Add channa dal and let it turn red. Now add turmeric powder and curry leaves and switch off the flame.

4. I roasted peanuts separately but they can be roasted along with channa dal. Add the seasoning along with peanuts and mix well with rice. Adjust salt to taste and serve immediately with your choice of raita. Enjoy!!!

IMG 1370


IMG 1354IMG 1355IMG 1356IMG 1357IMG 1358

Remove skin and shred mango. Pound red chillies and mustard seeds together. Add shredded mango and coconut and grind it like chutney. Heat oil and cook the chutney till the water evaporates. Fry the seasoning in little oil and mix chutney, seasoning and salt with rice. Garnish with shredded mango and roasted peanuts. Enjoy!!!

IMG 1367

IMG 1363



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  19 Responses to “Mavinakayi Chitranna”

  1. a traditional recipe at our place!

  2. Would love to try this tangy rice preparation.

  3. Wow. My mom used to make this for my lunch during my school days. Shall try this at home.

  4. Delicious Mango Rice.
    If you can, link it the event taking place in my space

  5. That was really yummy n delicious… First time here… Do visit mine when u get time…

  6. I had this at my friend’s home.. Mango rice looks delicious.. Thanks for sharing the recipe!!

  7. Looks delicious and indeed new to me…am hosting an event to collect all mango recipes..mind linking this there?



  8. You must have googled the chinese name for fox tail millet hilarious write up and i love this chitra anna!!

  9. Thanks Harini, Vidhya, Radha, Divya, Akila, Reshmi, Pradnya & Anusha.

  10. tangy rice is inviting .new recipe for me .
    1st time here happy to follow u .visit my site

  11. my fav too ! looks delightful

  12. Interesting write up…. we had a similar experience in Thailand trying to find stuff from things written in thai and no one speaking ENglish

  13. Its a a ncie combo of two things.. chitranna is lemon rice for us in Blore & manga saddham :D.. one of our fav dishes..we do it a tad different.. hope u enjoyed the blog hop!

    Ongoing Event : WTML

  14. Glad you enjoyed the Chitraanna . This is our favourite.So when I say Chitraanna it has to be this at home.

  15. Jayanthi, I tried this today and it was liked by one and all at home.. thank you for the delicious recipe.

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