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Just like how Halley’s comet is visible from Earth every 75-76 years, my husband enters our kitchen once in a blue moon to cook this delicious biryani for our Sunday lunch. My husband would begin by boasting that he’s the chief chef and I’m his sous-chef. If he’s the one who pulls out every container from the shelf and spreads it around the kitchen counter, I’m the one who has to put it back in its place. If he’s the one who can win a genus book of world record for piling maximum number of dishes in a sink then I’ll be the one to clear it away. If he’s the one who needs to sautee the veggies, I’ll be responsible for cutting and grinding. So you may ask what’s he cooking ? he measures, lifts his hand to sautee, and most of all tastes the biryani and commands the necessary additions to make it right. Oh, its not that dramatic, he’s an excellent cook and puts up an act to have a moment of his own while he’s cooking. I put up with all his acts to taste this awesome biryani which is his own recipe and to be frank I have not noted down the measurements till date . Its quite easy to make yet so delicious, a lovely one pot meal we enjoy making together.




Young raw jackfruit (not the ripe ones) — 1 cup, washed, rinsed, and drained (I used canned ones, fresh ones can be used if available)

Basmati Rice — 2 cups

Green Chillies — 1

Cinnamon Stick — 1 ” piece

Bay leaf — 1

Fennel Seeds — 1 tsp

Pepper corns (Whole Black Pepper) — 5 to 8

Tomato — 1 (chopped)

Potatoes — 2 medium (optional)

Oil –2 tsp

For Grinding:

Garlic — 4 medium pods

Onion — 1 (roughly chopped)

Ginger — 1 ” piece

Green Chillies — 1

Red Chillies –2 to 3 (adjust according to taste)

Cinnamon stick — 1″ piece

Cloves — 2

Pepper corns (Whole Black Pepper) — 8 to 10

Coriander Seeds (Dhania) — 1 Tbsp

Coriander Leaves — few twigs

Thick Yogurt(preferably sour) — 2 laddles (about 1/2 cup)


1. In a wide pan or kadai, heat oil, add ingredients from “For Grinding” list except yogurt and coriander leaves, one after the other and sautee until the onions are translucent. Grind them with coriander leaves and yogurt in to a smooth paste. Keep aside.

IMG 3128IMG 3129

2. Wash basmati rice well. Add rice to the electric rice cooker, measure the ground paste and including the ground paste in the measurement add a total of 4 cups of water. To clarify, for each cup of rice add 2 cups of liquid, in this case the liquid is water + ground paste. Add green chillies, fennel seeds, bay leaf, cinnamon stick, pepper corns, and chopped tomatoes, potatoes, raw jackfruit. Cover the lid and cook for about 20 minutes. Once the rice is cooked in the rice cooker, transfer to the serving bowl/plate. Serve hot with your choice of raita. Enjoy!!!



1. If you do not have electric rice cooker, the same biryani with the above mentioned method can be used for making in pressure cooker, reduce the cooking time so that the biryani rice is cooked but not mushy.





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  15 Responses to “Jackfruit Biryani”

  1. I guess most husbands are the same. Its the same with mine 🙂
    I had this biryani in my sister’s wedding reception and mistook it for meat, it tasted just like meat.
    I loved it!!!
    The pics look so good.

  2. Yummy… I have never tasted Jackfruit Biryani.. Though we have a variety of dishes using jackfruit this is new to me.. Looks delicous..I would love to try this 🙂

  3. Wow if he can make a biryani like this, then I think you can clean up all that extra dish..LOL..kidding..but seriously very delish. My hubby is not that adventurous to even taste something like this..so when I make it will be just for the others who might be like me..getting the unripe fruit might pose a difficulty..still looks so good that I might take that extra step..:)

  4. Isn’t it wonderful when husbands cook..must get hold of mine this weekend..ehe..seriously men are much better cooks than women…look at this biryani..awsum flavors..but I dont eat jack fruit ..well it resembles..meat!!..and those phobias cant change.tell me wat substitute…cauliflower?…should taste awsum with the regular veggies..wat say?

  5. an amazing biryani – love all the spices – kudos to hubby!!!

  6. Biryani looks awesome…must be tasting good

  7. Wow briyani looks super flavourful and highly irresistible,wish my H cook like urs.Kudos to him.

  8. wow, what a lovely substitute for vegetarains to enjoy a sinful biryani

  9. Wow what a meal. Love this biryani I had some memories stirred up when you described the method that is followed regarding dishes, chopping etc. My father… ha Amma used to grumble that he will finish the month’s quota of oil, ghee masalas in one sitting.
    Love the biryani in fact I was hoping to make it last season but now this will have to wait for the month of March to may for me to make this. Thanks.

  10. this one’s a stunner really; loved the blend of flavours in it ! and hey can totally relate to hubby donning the apron part 🙂

  11. wow! looks amazing. I have never coked with jackfruit!

  12. it looks so good… jackfruit biryani is something i have never tasted…

  13. What an exotic biryani! Looks Yum! Kudos to your hubby for making this one. I am bookmarking this for trying out for sure.

  14. Love Indian food. Would definitely try it.

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