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My kids love this roti, as a matter of fact I love this roti too. My mom used to make this roti and this would be the sweet desert after a nice meal. My kids demand I make sarkarai roti whenever I make rotis for dinner. Caution, its loaded with ghee and sugar, unless you are ready to do aerobics and exercise like kids do, I guess you need to watch out for the number of rotis you eat. A big problem with this roti is its so tempting that you can’t stop yourself from eating just one.


Atta(Chapatti/roti flour) –1/2 cup

Water –1/4 cup

Ghee –as needed

Sugar –about 2 Tbsp for each roti


1. Make a soft dough with chappati flour and water. Knead well and let it sit for 15-20 mins.

2. Take lemon sized dough and flatten in to round shape with rolling pin in to 4-5 inch diameter.

3. Apply ghee and then add 2 Tbsp of sugar. Close the dough as you would make stuffing for stuffed parathas.

4. Roll it in to roti, and fry the rotis in flat griddle. Apply ghee on both sides after they are cooked and remove. Let it cool for few mins before serving.

IMG 0283

Flatten the dough in to small round shape.

IMG 0284

Apply ghee and add sugar.

IMG 0285

Close the dough with sugar and ghee inside.

IMG 0286

Roll the dough in to thin roti.

IMG 0287

Fry both sides and let it puff up.

IMG 0288

Apply ghee both sides while frying.

IMG 0289

Enjoy this simple and sweet desert.

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  1. Looks nice; i love this dish.

  2. Looks very yummyyy…

  3. good job nice recipe thank you
    for tell us

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