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Today’s recipe is one of my spontaneous creations. I was rushing and juggling many things and that is one of the perks of being a mom for three kids (Don’t be alarmed, the count is right— my daughter, my son & my husband). I wouldn’t consider my husband to be a picky eater like a child, not all the time except when it comes to upma. He just doesn’t like rava upma. Period. I love Rava upma and it used to be one of my favorite dishes before my marriage. So as a compromise and to make my life easier on certain days he acquired a pleasing taste for Aval upma (Poha) but with lots of conditions. It has to be hot, spicy with onions and other vegetables added to it and more importantly the upma has to be fluffy with the rice flakes separate and not lumpy. Yesterday, being one of my busy days, I was making this Aval upma for my husband and as I was preparing it, I was so preoccupied and in a split second I added extra water to the poha and thats it, it started lumping together. When I realized what I did, I tried repairing it by adding more poha to it and the volume of the lumps increased but the poha wouldn’t get fluffy. My husband who wasn’t home yet was expected to arrive any minute. This time, I didn’t have the chance to sleep over it and so my creative mind was pressurized to give me an instant idea to somehow hide the texture and at the same time make the dish presentable. So I quickly took the muffin pan out, made bread cups, added the aval upma to each of the cups and covered it with bread crumbs (Shhhh!!!! It’s supposed to be hidden). I baked it in 350F oven till the crumbs and the outer bread were golden brown. The taste was super liked by everyone at home and my kids loved it with a dab of ketchup topped on each of the cups. I gave a sigh of relief and sneaked out of the kitchen to blog this entry for my Day 6, Blogging Marathon #14. I’m reposting this entry and sending it to “Only starters & Snacks”, event hosted by Raji and started by Pari .

For recipe for making Aval Upma/Poha please click here

For Baked Poha cups

Ingredients :

Bread — 6

Prepared Aval /Poha — 1 cup

Procedure :

1. Remove brown sides from the bread. Grind the removed sides in to bread crumbs. Keep aside.

2. Line the bread in to muffin cups, spoon in 2 tablespoon of aval upma/poha and top it with bread crumbs.

3. Bake it in 350F oven till the bread and the crumbs become golden brown. Remove from oven, cool briefly and serve topped with ketchup.

IMG 0859

IMG 0850

Arrange bread as cups in muffin pans.

IMG 0851

Make Aval upma as per the recipe .

IMG 0852

Top it with bread crumbs.

IMG 0853

Bake in 350F till the bread and the crumbs turn golden brown. Enjoy!!!

IMG 0862

IMG 0856







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  24 Responses to “Baked Poha Cups”

  1. This is amazing recipe…perfect…lovely

  2. Super twist Jayanthi – got to try this. Share the same sentiment on upma at my place too and this sounds interesting

  3. Thanks Pradnya

  4. Thanks Gita, let me know how you liked it.

  5. Wow! this is really one with a twist :)). Really a great idea!

  6. Thanks Rajani.

  7. wow.looks really just mouth watering.perfectly done…….great job….

  8. Thanks Maha.

  9. Beautiful write up Jayanthi…loved the way u proceeded the recipe from your storyline πŸ™‚ this baked poha bread cups sounds so yummy…nice idea!!
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  10. Thanks Sangee.

  11. good idea changing the aval upma into these cute cups πŸ™‚

  12. Thanks Harini.

  13. This is seriously heights of creativity :).. wow! when i saw the title..was wondering how did you managed to make poha cups & here it is.. Lovely jayanthi πŸ™‚

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  14. Thanks Rasi.

  15. Healthy and yummy looking cups

  16. That’s really lot of presence of mind!..I can relate myself to all those additions you make to the poha, happens all the time at home!..very nice..

  17. wow!!!!I can now make my daughter eat aval upma. Thanks Jayanti

  18. Nice recipe. will try alu masala filling in these bread cups.

  19. You have been very creative there!

  20. This is a very interesting recipe, and delicious way of using up aval upma. Thanks for linking this to my event, as this is an old entry it needs to be reposted along with pari and mine event announcement links and logo as it helps to spread the word. Kindly leave a comment in my event announcement post after you repost it so that I can publish this fabulous recipe.

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