Feb 142012

My son’s favorite food is wrap nowadays. It keeps changing every few weeks. He likes certain foods and will not eat anything but that food for that week until I get bored of making the same food and coerce him to eat something else. This cycle keeps repeating and this week its wrap. He usually eats wrap with cheese and sour cream and yesterday I was feeling very bad that he is not eating vegetables at all. So I made this vegetable wrap and to my big surprise he seemed to like it. I was happy too. So here you go for parents with kids like my son who seldom like any change, try it and you may be surprised like me. I’m giving the recipe for 1 wrap and you can easily multiply for how many every wraps you would like to make.


Tortillas or Rotis –1

Sour cream or thick yogurt —3Tbsp

Mixed vegetables (carrot,beans,peas,cauliflower,potato) –3 spoons

Cheese –2Tbsp

Salt –a pinch

Turmeric Powder –a pinch

Oil–1 tsp


1. Heat a pan and drizzle oil, add cut veggies, salt and turmeric powder. Sprinkle very little water and cover to cook about 5-7 mins. Switch of the stove and let it cool.

2. Now take the tortilla or roti and sprinkle cheese, microwave for 10 sec just to make sure the cheese melt for a bit.

3. Arrange the veggies on the tortilla and add sourcream. Now wrap the sourcream on 2 vertical sides and roll the wrap. Serve immediately.

IMG 0140 1


IMG 0141 1

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  4 Responses to “Quick Veggie Wrap for Kids”

  1. Simple yet filling and nutritious.

  2. Yap….HA’s favorite lunch after school.

  3. Tasty, simple and filling.

    AM liked with Ketchup.

  4. Yap. Thanks and glad AM liked it.

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