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I was brain storming on ideas of what to do for my last post for this theme. My daughter specifically wanted pasta for dinner. I didn’t want to do the usual pasta with marinara sauce and vegetables, nor was I inclined to make it cheesy. But the thought of cheese took me to a dish that I previously had at a restaurant. The pasta was mixed with spinach creamy white sauce (loaded with cheese of course!), but as I said earlier I wanted to give it an Indian twist and so grabbed the idea of having spinach as one of the ingredients. I love Dal Palak that we usually have with roti and rice, because its so easy to make and yet very tasty and satisfying. So I extrapolated the thought and made dal palak, blended it in to a smooth creamy sauce and tossed it over mult-grain pasta and garnished with cilantro. The taste was scrumptuous and very satisfying and the thought of having a meal this healthy was an added bonus. The kids didn’t know what sauce it was but said it was tasting like pesto sauce (I guess because of the color!!!). This recipe is definitely an excellent option for all pasta lovers who want to take it up a notch with super nutritious spinach lentil sauce. Here it goes for Day 7, Blogging Marathon #14.


Multi grain pasta –2 cups

Palak (Spinach) — 1 bunch

Massor Dal (Red Lentil) —1/2 cup

Potato –2 (remove skin and cut in to bite size chunks)

Garlic –3 medium pods (finely chopped)

Onion –1 (finely chopped)

Tomato –2 (finely chopped)

Jeera (Cumin seeds) –1 tsp

Coriander powder –1 1/2 Tbsp

Cumin powder –1 Tbsp

Turmeric powder –1/4 tsp

Chilli powder –1 Tbsp

Garam masala powder –1 tsp

Salt — to taste

Butter –1 Tbsp

Recipe for Dal Palak (Spinach and Lentil Sauce)


1. In the bottom of a pressure cooker, melt butter and add jeera. When it splutters add garlic and fry for a min. Now add onions and fry till they turn translucent. Add tomatoes and fry till they turn soft.

2. Wash and cut spinach coarsely. Add lentil and spinach to the onion-tomato mixture. Add all the dry powders (turmeric, coriander, cumin, chilli, garam masala) and salt. Add potato chunks, lentil, spinach and 2 cups of water. Pressure cook them for 10 mins. Let it cool completely. Dal palak is ready. This gravy can be had with rice or roti.

Recipe for Penne Pasta with the sauce


1. Grind the dal palak prepared from step 2 in to a smooth creamy sauce. Keep aside.

2. Cook pasta as per the cooking instructions in the box. Drain the pasta. In a big bowl, toss pasta with the spinach sauce and mix well. Chilli sauce can be added for spiciness, if desired. Garnish with cilantro. Enjoy!!!

IMG 0880

IMG 0864

Sautee garlic, onions in butter tempered with jeera.

IMG 0866

Add tomato and fry till they are soft, add all the dry powders.

IMG 0867

Now add cubed potatoes, masoor dal and spinach. Add water and pressure cook for 10 mins.

IMG 0869

Let it cool completely.

IMG 0871

Puree the dal palak until smooth and toss with cooked penne pasta. Enjoy!!!

IMG 0877

IMG 0879



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  18 Responses to “Penne Pasta with Spinach & Lentil creamy sauce”

  1. Very nice recipe. The pasta looks very yummy!

  2. very innovative!!

  3. Wonderful Twist dear!!!Very healthy!!

  4. very innovative recipe!!!

  5. this is a lovely take on pasta…loved it

  6. looks yummy n perfectly done pasta ..nice.i think this is d 1st timeiam here..nice space u have vth tasty recipes….visit mine when u free dear

  7. Thank you all.

  8. That’s another wonderful treat…so glad that you did this BM..:)

  9. Thanks Srivalli. I enjoyed every day of BM and so did my family.

  10. This is another superb twist.. dal palak pasta 🙂 wow..def a super healthy one! My friend would just add spinach for the creamy sauce.. the indian kick will be loved by my husband for sure!

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  11. Thanks Rasi.

  12. Dal palak pasta is definitely a healthy option.
    Good Indo Italian fusion.

  13. I am not so much a fan of pasta, but this Indian twist is surely tempting me 🙂

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  14. wow nice color and creame pasta yumm

  15. Prepared this last week; before I blended the dal/spinach- I keep some aside for hubby to have with hot rice. After blending, served it with regular macaroni for son and had mine with whole wheat pasta. Satisfying meal for all as per their likes! Great recipe Jayanthi- thanks!

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