Apr 222012

After making lot of yeast breads the past few days, yeast has become my virtual afternoon friend. Today I decided to leave my friend alone, as too much of anything is not good. I wanted to remember my old friend Mr Quinoa as forgetting old ones is also not good. I had decided on the ingredients but had no clue of what to make for the last day of bread baking theme(BM#15). So after searching many different recipes and having scraps of ideas from one recipe to another I decided I’ll fuse everything together and come up with my own. As I am writing this post, I’m hearing my son screaming at my ears “Wrong, Wrong, Wrong about something his sister did to him” and my train of thoughts are steered to wrong and I’m unable to get my thoughts back on track. Oh, this reminds me of the time I used to write my exams in college and the examiner would stand next to me reading what I’m writing. The moment I realized that someone was watching over my shoulders I used to stop writing and mentally pray for him/her to leave me alone. This is true with anything I do, I need that private space to get my focus and my thinking synchronized in perfect harmony. I know I can’t expect that from my little bunnies but they are getting very manipulative. Its like the quiz show where you need to answer quick (the lightning round) and you answer in spur of a moment. I’ll be seriously talking on the phone or writing my post and they see it as the perfect opportunity to get what they want and with too many questions and unfocussed mind I say ‘yes’ to them. I need to learn to make one ear listen exclusively to them and my brain to process that separately. Let’s see if thats ever gonna happen, anyway coming back to the original track about the quinoa bread, the resulting loaf was perfect and I didn’t for 100 years expect that it would turn out to be this good. My daughter was very curious about what I’m gonna name the loaf. When I said “Date-nut Quinoa Bread”, she was like blah, that’s boring and usual…so her suggestion was to name it “Rock star bread” not because it was like a rock but because it would stand out in the crowd. I was amazed by her thinking to stand out in the crowd but explained the need to name it meaningfully. This loaf makes the best and healthy breakfast with the goodness of quinoa, almonds, dates, and tofu. Would love to hear from you ….

IMG 1654


Chopped Dates — 1 cup ( I used about 18 dates)

Milk — 1 cup

Quinoa flour — 1/2 cup

All purpose flour –1 cup

Salt — 1 tsp

Chopped Dry Roasted Almonds — 1/2 cup (optional and can be substituted with walnuts or other nuts)

Light Brown Sugar — 3/4 cup

Butter — 1 Tbsp

Silken Tofu — 1/4 cup

Baking Soda — 1 tsp


1. Preheat oven to 325F. Lightly grease a 9x5x3 inch loaf pan with butter and flour them lightly. Remove excess flour from the pan and set aside. In microwave safe bowl, heat dates and milk together for about 2-3 minutes until the dates turn soft.

2. Combine all purpose flour, quinoa flour, and salt together in a bowl. Add almonds and combine well with the flour mixture. In another bowl, beat brown sugar, butter, and pureed silken tofu. Stir the baking soda with the date-milk mixture. It will froth up.

IMG 1639IMG 1640IMG 1641IMG 1642

3. Stir the flour-nut mixture and the date-milk-baking soda mixture into the sugar-butter-tofu liquid alternatively. Combine gently by folding and not vigorously mixing everything. Mix until all the flour and the date mixture is combined well with the tofu mixture. Pour the batter in the prepared loaf pan. Bake in the pre-heated oven for 50 to 60 minutes and a tooth pick inserted comes out clean. Allow the loaf to cool in a wire rack and remove from the pan. Let it cool completely before slicing and serving. Enjoy!!!

IMG 1643IMG 1644IMG 1647


1. This loaf doesn’t rise very well but that doesn’t mean they aren’t fluffy or soft. I could see no difference in texture when compared to other quick breads.

2. I didn’t buy quinoa flour, rather, I dry roasted the quinoa in a pan until they were red and popping and ground them in a food processor until they resembled the flour texture. About 1/4 cup of quinoa should yield a little more than 1/4 cup of quinoa flour.



IMG 1651IMG 1649

IMG 1655




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  20 Responses to “Date-Nut Quinoa Breakfast Bread”

  1. WOw wat an excellent breakfast bread, nutritious and definitely healthy..

  2. indeed this is so good in texture, am sure u have good reasons to rave about, ur creation and that too a successful one. btw…I have similar OCD, when i m thinking i want to be left alone…as it is we think on multiple threads in our head, we do not want external to join in….

  3. wonderful healthy bread and I love your writing style with your little anecdotes. always love reading your intros…funny!

  4. super moist and healthy breakfast bread!

  5. Wow..i shd try this healthy bread…luks perfect and too good,jayanthi

  6. a healthy breakfast bread indeed!!! I have used silken tofu only once and simply loved the texture it gave to the bake!!!

  7. Nutritious and healthy bread.

  8. Bread looks great and a healthy start to a day

  9. quinoa in bread too.. this is new to me.. I would like to try them! Rockstar bread ha ha so cute :)..

    Ongoing Event : WTML

  10. Love the addition of quinoa to the bread!!

  11. Wow that was definitely fantabulous …

  12. That’s seriously a wonderful stuff. Nice to know how well your daughter knows to talk abt standing apart in a crowd. that’s a good thing! I have really enjoyed all your wonderful creations this week just as you have enjoyed baking them. Wish we lived closer for me to enjoy then real..:)..

  13. I can relate to your exam-hall situation and I too like a little peace and quiet while writing a post.Sadly it does not happen these days.Right now lil one is screaming that the TV is not telecasting her fav show!What can I do!!

    And, innovative bread and I think you must follow your daughter’s suggestion in naming the bread 🙂

  14. Look Awesome…..perfectly made….too yumm!!!!

  15. The rock star bread looks nice and so does the post intro 🙂

  16. I love the rockstar. Yeast and I are not good friends but I want to try this bread. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  17. Hi

    Bread looks amazing, I was wondering if I can use whole wheat pastry flour instead of all purpose flour to make it more healthy !!!

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