Mar 122012

The salad sounds more of a summer time picnic salad but I couldn’t help myself from making one for lunch today. This salad is very colorful with black beans, yellow corn, green avocados, and red cherry tomatoes with sweet and sour mango dressing thats bound to give a burst of fresh taste that’ll last in your mouth for a long time. My kids love this salad and what an excellent way to make them eat a good serving of vegetables. With just few ingredients and many possible combination this salad will be very satisfying and interesting each time you try it. Linking this entry to Nupur’s Kids-Delight event with fruits.


Black Beans –1 can (15 oz) washed and rinsed

Corn (frozen/canned) –1/2 cup

Cherry Tomatoes –5 to 6

Avocado — 1

Garlic –3 medium pods (finely chopped)

Cilantro (finely chopped) –2 Tbsp

Olive oil — 2 Tbsp

Mango Juice — 4 Tbsp

Salt –to taste

Pepper –as needed

Chilli sauce –1 tsp (optional)


1. To prepare the dressing, in a bowl, mix chopped garlic, cilantro, mango juice, olive oil, salt and pepper well.

2. In a large bowl, add rinsed black beans, corn, tomatoes, avocado and the dressing mixture. Adjust the taste for salt and pepper.

3. Add chilli sauce for added spiciness. This step is optional.

IMG 0669





1. Finely cut red bell peppers, celery and onions can be added as a variation.

2. If you prefer a more sour dressing, half orange juice and half mango juice can be combined together in the dressing.

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