Feb 262012

I made vada’s yesterday and wanted to serve with different variation for my family. I had some Mysore Rasam left over from the lunch and so made Rasa Vada’s for dinner. I used to just make vadas and soak them directly in rasam or sambar or curd(dahi) but it was never soft or would not have absorbed the ingredients well. Then my mom taught me this easy trick and now whenever I make these vadas, they are super soft and every bite of the vada has the goodness of the rasam, sambar or curd.


1. I already posted a detail recipe of how to make vadas. To see the recipe click here. For details of recipe for rasam click here.

2. Boil water in a pot. Simmer it in to low so that the water is not bubbling but hot.

3. Once the vadas are brown and ready, drop them to the boiling water. Flip after 2 mins in the water. Squeeze lightly between 2 laddles or spoons and drop in to hot rasam. Repeat each batch of vadas from oil to boiling water to rasam.

4. When ready to serve, take vada with rasam in a bowl, top with finely chopped onions and garnish with coriander leaves.

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