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My friend Ritu suggested that I try Israeli couscous. As I jump at the idea of trying new ingredients in my recipes, I was looking forward to experiment with it. Israeli couscous looks and tastes like Sago(sabudana/Javarasi) but it’s not the same grain. It’s sometimes called as pearl couscous for its color and its size. It cooks much easily without any need for soaking. I was initially inclined to just follow the recipe instructions on the back of the box. But I didn’t have pine nuts nor my kids liked the idea of raisins in their main dish. So I decided to do it my way. The outcome was very delicious, mouth-watering and soon became one of the quick and favorite meals in our house. Its one of the quick recipes that you can enjoy either for breakfast, snack or lite dinner.



Israeli couscous –1.5 cups(dry)

Bay leaf –2 nos

Cinnamon Sticks –1/4 inch

Onions –1 (finely chopped)

Zucchini –1 medium no (chopped in to small cubes)

Carrots — 1/2 cup(chopped)

Button Mushrooms –4 (thinly sliced)

Onion –1 small (finely diced)

Avocado –1 (chop the avocados in the end while garnishing to avoid them from turning brown. Alternatively chop and keep them in the bowl with sprinkle of lemon juice)

Salt –1/4 tsp

Lemon juice–2 Tbsp

Chillie Sauce –2 Tbsp

Water or vegetable broth –1.5 cups

Butter –1Tbsp

Salt –to taste


1. In a deep pan or kadai, heat a Tbsp of oil and add bay leaf, cinnamon sticks and onions. Sautee till golden brown. Add carrots, zucchini, mushrooms and sautee for another minute. Do not add avocados now.

2. Transfer in to a bowl and heat the kadai with a Tbsp of butter and add couscous. Sautee till golden brown and add vegetable broth or water and salt.

3. Bring it to boil, simmer, cover the lid and cook till the water or broth is absorbed by couscous and its well cooked about 8-10 mins stirring occasionally. If you find that the couscous is under cooked, sprinkle some water, cover and cook for additional 1 or 2 minutes.

4. Once cooked, add the sautéed vegetables and combine.

5. Adjust salt to taste. Now add lemon juice, chillie sauce, chopped avocados.

7. Garnish with pine nuts and parsley. (This step is optional)

Picture Tutorial:

IMG 0265

Sautee all the vegetables with bay leaf and cinnamon and keep aside.

IMG 0266

Fry the couscous until golden brown.

IMG 0267

Add vegetable broth and bring it to boil.

IMG 0268

Cook till all the broth/water is well absorbed and couscous is cooked.

IMG 0269

Add all the cooked vegetables and avocado.

IMG 0270

Enjoy your meal.

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