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“As a rule, children dislike foods which are said to be good for them, or are forced on them, and they take strong fancies to foods which they are not allowed to eat; advantage should be taken of these tendencies.”–Eric Pritchard.

I take advantage by disguising the foods that are good to them in fancy dishes and give them names they’ve never heard off and they seem to enjoy the new dish. To be honest, I decided on making this recipe for two reasons, one to use my new mandoline slicer and two to use the rice wrapper sitting in my pantry for a long time sticking its head out in desperate need for attention. I bought the rice wrapper to make spring rolls but it still remains as the recipe that hasn’t found its way in to my kitchen.

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My kids come home totally starved and act like a battery drained iPhone that refuses to respond until its powered up. In order to give a quick, easy, nutritious, filling, and most importantly kids approved snack I’m always on the lookout for innovative ideas. This recipe can be made in just under 5 minutes if you are geared up with the right tools (a big thumbs up for the quick attribute). I was able to julienne cut all my veggies (I used carrots and cucumbers, you can use your choice of veggies) within two minutes, wrapped them in the rice paper and served them with a spring roll sauce on the side for dipping. My kids just loved them and for once my house was silent even after my kids were home. I loved it totally too and would definitely be making them more with different variations.

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Carrot –1 (julienne sliced thinly)

Cucumber — 1/2 (julienne sliced thinly)

Avocado — 1 (finely chopped)– (optional)

Lemon Juice — Juice of 1/2 lemon(about 2 to 3 Tbsp)

Salt — to taste

Coriander leaves — 3 Tbsp (finely chopped)

Rice Wrapper — as needed


1. Cut the carrots and cucumber in to thin julienne slices. Keep them in separate bowls. Have cut coriander leaves in separate bowl. In another bowl, mix cut avocados, salt, and lemon juice. If you are not planning on using avocados then mix lemon juice and salt in a bowl and keep aside.

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2. Now to the fun part, immerse each rice wrapper in a shallow bowl filled with water for 2 to 3 seconds. Shake out excess water and lay them on a clean counter top or board. Add a layer of carrots, cucumber, avocado mixture near one corner of the wrapper. If you are not using avocado, then drizzle the lemon juice, salt mixture on the veggies. Top with coriander leaves.

IMG 2787

rectangle rice wrapper folding


3. Fold wrapper like how you would fold an envelope. Rice wrappers are available in either round or rectangle shape. The method of folding is same whether you have a round or rectangle wrapper. Add the filling just above line 1 and fold the wrapper along line 1 covering the veggies. Now fold along line 2 and then line 3. Roll the wrapper carefully rolling along with the filling towards line 4. Serve immediately with a side of spring roll dipping sauce. Enjoy!!!

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My Day 3, group2 recipe under “Kid’s Delight” theme. Check out the Blogging Marathon page for the other Blogging Marathoners doing BM#17

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  23 Responses to “Rice Wrapper Veggie Rolls”

  1. This is so wonderful and lovely to see .. must taste good.. love the way you have cut the veggies

  2. My kid favourite,he just love it and never forget to order them whenever we go to chinese restaurant..Beautifully done Jayanthi.

  3. Very eye-catchy!!! Love the colors there!!!

  4. Looks very colourful and tempting!!!!

  5. Wow the pictures are awesome..love how your pictures are becoming prettier by the day..:)

  6. Yummy and healthy! I’ve had this while having a Vietnamese meal.. they’re just fab..

  7. Looks colorful and inviting! How can any child refuse these?? Delicious & healthy as well

  8. That looks so colourful and yum.

  9. Lovely dish and nice presentation

  10. loved the way you have demonstrated…there is a packet sitting in my pantry….am planning to try it later next week…

  11. Kamalika: Thanks, mandoline slicer is so convenient…..credit goes to the tool.
    Priya, Priya Srinivasan, Nirmala: Thank you…
    Renuka: Thanks. I’ve only tasted spring rolls, this was the first time I tasted and like you said, its just fab.
    Usha, Jayashree, Sushma: Thank you…
    Pradnya: Thank you …..please let me know how it turned out, would love to hear back from you.

  12. I love summer rolls – so easy to prepare

  13. A colorful treat. 🙂

  14. Very colorful photos.. they look super healthy! Where do you get rice wrappers and spring roll sauce? Also, any particular brand slicer that you recommend?

    • Akila: Thanks. You get rice wrapper in any Asian stores. I got mine from Ranch99, and the sauce should be available there too.
      Regarding the slicer, I got mine online. Swismar V-slicer seems to be doing its job as described so far, but mine is relatively new so couldn’t give you a more precise review. There are many slicers available and I guess it depends upon the purpose of your use.

  15. Such a colorful n healthy snack, looks too delicious n sure it might have tasted too good with the spicy sauce…can’t wait to try it…Inviting Pics Jayanthi…love it!!

    Spicy Treats

  16. Wow these are delicious. Love your instructions for folding too. but can you make the numbers a bit bigger. Maybe I am the only one who cannot se the numbers but would love to see them. Thanks.

  17. Wow these are delicious. Love your instructions for folding too. but can you make the numbers a bit bigger. Maybe I am the only one who cannot se the numbers but would love to see them. Thanks.
    I am hosting Kitchen Chronicles Theme is Go Nuts…Do send me your entries

  18. very colorful and inviting.

  19. Sangeetha: Thanks for your lovely comments. Do let me know how it turned out.
    Archana: Thank you. I’ve made the numbers bigger. Do let me know if you are able to see them now.
    Harini: Thank you….

  20. Wowie!That’s superb! Beautiful clicks.Wish I could taste a few[or all of them] now…

  21. Looks so colourful!!!!love it

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