Jun 182012

That’s it. I’m done trying to make dhokla from scratch, that’s what I tell myself and to my husband when ever I try it. Grrrrrrrrr!!!!!! I hate it when I don’t get recipes right and I just can’t sleep over it. Some recipes are just not for me. No matter how hard I try or how many times, it just doesn’t turn out right. I think I would win even the most persistent race and I’m fiercer than Mohameed Ghazni as I lost count of how many times I’ve tried and dumped the resulting hard cakes. I’ve tried searching for that fool proof recipe and yet to find one. By then, my husband might loose his taste and love for dhokla. I have no intention to take that as an excuse for not trying. I keep his taste buds wanting for these fluffy snacks by making dhoklas from ready mix which gives perfect result. But that’s only a transition phase before I make another try to make it from scratch. For my husbands sake, I pray I succeed in making it from scratch soon.


Until then, here is my Gits ready mix version for dhokla. Unlike making it from scratch, if I follow the instructions I get consistent fluffy dhoklas. If not for the persistent gene, I would have long forgotten to make these from scratch and happily settled down with Gits version. If you are starting to make dhoklas, first try the ready mix version before trying to make it from scratch. Enlighten your taste buds and give them a hint of the fluffy taste of this wonderful snack, then take the persistent hammer and keep trying to make them from scratch, who knows, you might get it right away and if you do please do share the recipe. Will ya?




Gits Khaman Dhokla — 1 pack (180g/6.3Oz)

Oil — 1 fl.oz (30ml) + 2 Tbsp oil for garnishing

Water — 8 fl.oz(235ml)

Mustard seeds — 1 Tbsp

Asafetida/Hing — a pinch

Sesame Seeds — 1 Tbsp (Optional)

Coconut flakes — 2 Tbsp

Coriander Leaves — 2 Tbsp (finely chopped)


1. Heat water in a Idli Cooker/Steamer/Pressure Cooker and let it boil till rolling boil. In the meanwhile, mix water and oil in a bowl. Add the water oil mixture to the dry powder mixture from the packet, mixing very gently with minimum stirring until the batter is smooth. (Note: The less you mix, the more fluffier the dhokla)



2. Pour the batter in to a vessel or round baking tray greased with oil. Steam on high flame for 15 minutes. If you are using pressure cooker, do not add weight/whistle. Remove from heat and allow it to cool for 10 minutes. Carefully overturn the vessel on to a tray. Cut in to 5 cm cubes.


3. For garnishing, heat 2 Tbsp of oil, add mustard seeds and let it splutter, add asafetida, sesame seeds. Pour the garnish on top of the cubed dhoklas. Sprinkle coriander leaves and coconut flakes. Serve with green chutney. Enjoy!!!






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  24 Responses to “Friend or Foe — Khaman Dhokla”

  1. They came out extremely prefect, never tried dhoklas with readymade stuffs.

  2. ya the ready made ones come out perfect..but I shall share a recipe which is perfect too..just like these..readymade ones…let me get hold of this friend who makes them for me….shall mail it soon..else will make a post:)

  3. Ah, my fav snack! love how well it looks..may I suggest you to try dhoklas that we did for ICC. It was from my gujju friend’s mom and a fool proof one for sure. All the bloggers who did the challenge got it right..

  4. I considered making gits dhokla. It looks so good. Will try it next time.

  5. Dhokla came out so perfect and looks soft too beautiful pic. jayanthi.

  6. they look fbulous – never had them – will have to try soon

  7. Priya: Ready made mix is the only way I get perfect Dhoklas….
    Vaishali: I’m so thrilled and waiting for your friend’s recipe. Thanks ….there is this urge to succeed in making it from scratch.
    Srivalli:Thank you, Oh, you had it for ICC, will look in to it and will let you know how it turned out.
    Usha, Padma, Mireille: Thank you…

  8. Dhoklas look delicious.. Loved your pictures..

  9. Looks very fluffy and nice colour!!!!

  10. That looks so fluffy.

  11. Dhoklas look yummy. I have a version of sooji dhokla that was very easy to make and it tasted great. Link is http://cooksjoy.com/blog/2011/12/ravasooji-dhokla.html.

    Event: Kid’s Delight

  12. Funny how somethings never workout how much ever we try. Luckily, my ‘lazy gene’ has prevented growth of ‘persistent gene’ ;-). So I just give if something doesn’t work out fine and never bother to make them again :D. But, if you want a good recipe for dhokla, I do have a MW version (less work) in my space. Its not my recipe and is from one of Nita Mehta’s books, so its reliable :D.

    Anyway, Gits gets full marks for Dhoklas now 🙂

  13. Dhokla Looks pretty great, for the packet version. Good luck in finding a nice made-from-scratch recipe!

  14. Perfectly made dhoklas — fluffy & yummy.

  15. Hee cant stop giggling dear nice to meet you. I have the same fate with dhokla.

    One tip that may help is use eno fruit salt and grease the mould with oil. real lots of oil then add 1/2 the sachet and spread it. I bubbles a bit then becomes whitish now add 1/2 the batter say about 3-4 ladles and steam immediately for 20 minutes. My hubby’s love is this and this is the way his aunt makes them.

  16. Ho I love the gits packet dhokla any day. Easy to make with absolutely no fail.
    I am hosting Kitchen Chronicles Theme Go Nuts…Do send me your entries

  17. Thanks guys…

  18. wow!!!!!!awesome clicks……drooling here

  19. I tried Gits Dhoklas today-though they tasted good enough and were soft ,they sure weren’t as fluffy as yours..any idea what could have been wrong?

    • Few tips that I use, I always have the pot of water over which I’m about to steam boiling and ready before I start mixing for the dhokla. The consistency is key for fluffy dhoklas and do not overmix the batter. Using exact measurements also is pertinent.

  20. Hi
    So should you add lemon juice or citric acid for the sourness when using instant mix or skip it?

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