May 162015

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” –Thomas A. Edison

I’ve tried many eggless recipes and some have turned out to be a success and some quite the failure that I’ve shelved in the To-Try later section. I was brought up in an environment where failure is not an option which is not realistic so I tend to teach my kids on how to face failure by learning from their mistakes and not repeating them. Whenever I fail in one of my recipes I show them I’m human and I make mistakes too, the best way to make them my guinea pig is to add in few philosophy and life lessons here and there. Now, how else am I going to make them eat my dense block of sticky banana bread? One day my friend Geeta gave me the perfect recipe for the best banana bread I’ve ever tasted. My kids now not only thank me for the best banana bread but also that I spared them any more lectures.


The original recipe calls for 2 eggs and by adjusting the amount of baking powder the recipe can easily be made eggless without any compromise to its taste. I’ve tried both the versions and can finally move banana bread to my success list. Let me know whichever version you try and I’m sure failure is not an option with this recipe! Enjoy!!!



Eggless Banana Bread


  • All Purpose Flour -- 2 cups
  • Butter or Canola Oil -- 1/2 cup (I use oil, if you are using butter use melted butter)
  • Sugar -- 1 cup
  • Eggs -- 2 (at room temperature) (optional)
  • Baking Powder -- 1 1/2 tsp (making it 2 tsp if you are making it eggless)
  • Salt -- a pinch
  • Vanilla Essence -- 2 tsp
  • Ripe Bananas -- 3 (medium sized)
  • Almonds/Pecans -- 1/4 cup (chopped)


  1. In a bowl peel and mash bananas in to smooth pulp without any lumps. Set aside. In a large bowl either with a electric mixer or by hand mix sugar and oil/butter. Add eggs if using and mix well, add vanilla essence and ripe bananas and mix until well combined.
  2. In a separate bowl mix flour, baking powder, and salt. Add the flour mixture little by little to the banana mixture from the previous step. Mix until just combined, do not over mix. Add in the nuts and mix lightly. Pour the batter into a well greased loaf pan.
  3. Bake in 350F preheated oven for about 50 minutes or until the toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean. Cool completely on wire rack. Slice and Enjoy!!!




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  8 Responses to “Eggless Banana Bread”

  1. Banana bread is always the go to recipe when there are overripe bananas in the house.

  2. Banana bread looks great. Yummy

  3. The bread looks delicious, definitely a perfect recipe with those bananas:)

  4. Wow, that is perfectly made banana bread.

  5. Banana breads are a nice alternative to feeding the overripe bananas, in my book. 🙂 It looks good.

  6. looks fab. banana bread is one of my all time faves

  7. Stunning pictures for the wonderful banana bread!

  8. Jayanthi, I always enjoy the adage and the pictures that accompany your posts..I try to take a philosophical take as well..only it always backfires when I try it on the looks so yum!

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