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I guess choosing challenging themes make me think and try new recipes out of my comfort zone. When I chose my first week’s theme (vegetarian recipes with a twist), it was quite hard to come up with unique recipes and I deliberately chose that to challenge myself and had a blast creating some new recipes. I assumed that cooking for this week’s theme (whole grain dishes) would be very easy and natural as I mostly eat whole grain anyway and have considerably cut down on simple carbohydrates as I’m trying to follow a healthy lifestyle. But thinking back I mostly use whole wheat, oats, and quinoa. Apart from that there are so many other whole grains that I’m not aware if they existed. So even this week seems to be a new experience for me trying to come up with dishes with new ingredients. Coming to my Day 5, BM#14’s recipe, I’ve never made wheat thins (thin crackers) before but have enjoyed them as snacks with cheese or sliced fruit on top for snack. So when I saw this recipe for cracked wheat thins here, I decided its time I should give it a try. Cracked wheat being a whole grain gives this cracker a super crunch and I enjoyed it very much with a small piece of low fat cheese, avocado slice and a drop of strawberry flavored cream cheese. The cracker with the toppings looked very colorful and my kids were having fun choosing their own topping.


Whole wheat flour — 3 cups

Cracked wheat — 1 cup

Sugar — 1 Tbsp

Salt — 1 tsp

Shortening — 3/4 cup

Boiling water — 1 1/2 cups


1. Soak cracked wheat in boiling water for about an hour (Note: The original recipe’s soaking time is 30 mins but I feel an hours time is definitely needed)

2. Combine shortening and sugar. Add flour and salt along with soaked grain. Add more water if needed to form it in to a soft pliable dough. The dough should resemble that of chapatti dough.

3. Preheat oven to 400F. Divide the dough in to four parts. Roll each dough as thin as a wax paper. Carefully slide the dough on to a ungreased cookie sheet. Make square indentations on the rolled dough (do not cut them, just make the mark) using a pizza wheel/cutter or knife.

4. Prick each square with a fork to prevent bubbling. Bake them for 10 minutes or till they turn crispy and brown.

5. Let it cool and break them in the indentations and store the thins in air tight container.


As a variation I baked one batch plain, the other with some parmesan cheese powder sprinkled on top, and two more batches with some garlic salt sprinkled on top. Personally, I liked the thins sprinkled with garlic salt to be the best.

IMG 0987


IMG 0979IMG 0980

Mix whole wheat flour, salt with shortening and sugar. Add soaked cracked wheat and mix well.

IMG 0981IMG 0982

Divide the dough in to four parts. Roll each part in to thin sheet. Make indentations mark.

IMG 0984IMG 0985

Bake at 400F for 10 minutes. Enjoy with topping of your choice.

IMG 0986


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  27 Responses to “Cracked Wheat Thins”

  1. This looks super easy and something that can be done while you are sipping tea or catching up with mom on phone…I mean as a parallel activity. Did you mean lapsi when you said cracked wheat?

    • Thanks Pradnya…cracked wheat is same as broken wheat. You get in two varieties I guess, one in regular wheat and other from chemba wheat. These are basically broken wheat berries.

  2. I love this. In fact most bakes with wheatflour are bookmarked. I am sure my husban will love this with garlic and the kids with cheese.Thanks.

  3. This sounds very easy. Bookmarked.

  4. Wonderful bake with Wheat flour…

  5. Oh wow, super like!!! Healthy n Easy to make!!! bookmarking!!!

  6. Crackers look yummy and healthy .. bookmarked.

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  7. your look so perfect..they look like they came out of a box..super easy…will try

  8. Looks very interesting..and so glad that you decided to try something out of your area..that’s the whole point..:)..those baked ones look so crackers..

  9. they sure look like store bought wheat thins šŸ™‚

  10. Thanks Harini.

  11. Nice recipe…great appetizer

  12. i can’t really believe that you actually made them at home!!! they look like the store bought one .. simply superb šŸ™‚

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  13. Love the texture of wheat thins.

  14. Nice that you pushed your boundaries (I never do that, nor I contemplate doing that :D!) and it worked out good for you. Coming to the wheat crackers, they look so easy to make. Nice presentation too.

  15. OMG what a healthy snack I can have them with out any toping because they are home made fantastin job..

  16. My, look at that! They look like a fantastic party dish!

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