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Two weeks back, my husband came home raving about the lemon salad he had at his work. I was so curious and was asking him to describe the salad. He couldn’t recollect the name of the salad (oh! that would have made it easier for me). He likes to create suspense and confusion and finally I’ll be running around the house in wits end, unclear about the dish and the need to know what it is that very moment. His description was that the salad looked like rice, bigger than rice, had a nutty flavor, looked like pumpkin seed, tasted like small grains and on and on. Seeing me staring at him clueless, he got the salad home the next day. Just as he said the salad tasted awesome and I got to see the name tag and it was Lemon Orzo salad. I had been wanting to make something with orzo for the BM and here it is for my final day of BM#14, whole grain dishes theme. I made this dish with asparagus, zucchini, bell peppers, onions and with some lime juice and it was absolutely delicious. Orzo, is a kind of Italian pasta and cooks and has the same texture as that of regular pasta. My daughter just loved it and was so excited after seeing the colorful dish. My son who doesn’t like pasta/noodles and loves curd rice/idli, surprisingly enjoyed it too.

Ingredients :

Orzo — 16oz/1 lb

Garlic — 4 medium pods (finely chopped)

Onion — 1 (finely chopped)

Zucchini — 1 (finely cubed)

Red bell pepper –1 (finely chopped)

Asparagus — 5

Salt — to taste

Olive oil /cooking oil — 3 Tbsp

Chilli sauce — as needed (optional)

Lemon —1 (juice of 1 lemon/lime)

Coriander Leaves — 2 Tbsp (finely chopped)

Procedure :

1. In a large pot, bring 4 quarts of water to rolling boil, add orzo and cook for 9 minutes, stirring occasionally. Drain and pour cold water on top of it to stop the cooking and keep aside.

2. In a large kadai, add olive oil, garlic and fry for a minute. Now add onions and fry till they turn translucent. Add bell peppers, zucchini, asparagus one after another and fry for about 5 mins. Add cooked orzo, salt and mix well.

3. Switch off the flame, add lemon juice and garnish with coriander leaves. While serving, drizzle some chilli sauce, if using and Enjoy!!!

IMG 1040

IMG 1029IMG 1030

Cook orzo in a pot and keep aside. Sautee veggies along with garlic and onion.

IMG 1031IMG 1047

Combine orzo and mix well with veggies. Garnish with lemon juice and coriander leaves.

IMG 1049


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  16 Responses to “Asparagus & Zucchini Lemon Orzo”

  1. lovely combination … very yummy too …

  2. Thanks Sriya…

  3. Never made this..looks good…It was wonderful doing BM …glad to have you join us..

  4. Should try orzo and love that asparagus is used in there!

  5. Ilove orzo. This can be served cold as a salad also!!!

  6. Sounds like a delectable combination of ingredients.

  7. Never seen orzo here, but the salad looks very nice. Glad I could do this BM with you and if sanity permits (april is vacation time), will join you for the next month too:)

  8. what is ORZO?..never heard this before..sure it looks good:))

  9. very healthy n tasty too..nice one.Book marked.

  10. Never seen this before.. looks nice.. teha edition of veggies with lemon.. yum 🙂

    My next event is out & u should send some entries 🙂
    Ongoing Event : WTML

  11. Just when I thought I know all kinds of pasta you serve this delicious pasta.
    I honestly thought they were some kind of seeds. The dish is absolutely lovely.Thanks.

  12. i want to try orzo rice but they are expensive and rare find yet…i like the texture

  13. Asparagus and lemon will be a good combo. for me ading zucchini with orzo sounds interesting nice one.

  14. something new for me thanks for sharing

    visit @my blog for my ongoing event in ur free time
    Ongoing Event–Jump’N Jive @ Icypritz
    Preeti’s Kitchen Life

  15. Never seen orzo here. This salad looks so tempting…

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