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When I’m bored with eating leftovers for lunch, sandwiches are my rescue. A meal that can definitely be made just for me without any leftovers. They are super simple to fix but can be boring if there is no zing or the “ooh” factor that lights up your eye and makes you take an even bigger bite the next time. I generally don’t mix fruits in my main course and was drawn to this sandwich taken from here, for its simplicity and a new trial towards adding fruit to my sandwich. I know the thought, I did go through the same debate in my mind, if I should pass or boldly try the sandwich. This sandwich takes only 2 minutes to make from start to finish, no kidding, so I decided to try to see if this sandwich was worth those 2 minutes.


I’m so glad that I tried as they tasted fantastic and very satisfying. The subtle sweetness of peach, the juicy tomatoes, the crunchy onions, the aromatic flavor from basil all danced in perfect harmony making this one delicious sandwich that’s sure to please any type of crowd. If you happen to have 2 minutes in your day and would want to fix a quick meal, this recipes is all you’ll need.



Tomato, Peach & Ricotta Sandwich


  • Ricotta Cheese (part-skim) -- 2 Tbsp
  • Tomato -- 3 slices
  • Peach -- 3 slices
  • Onion -- 2 slices
  • Fresh Basil -- few leaves (chopped or whole leaves)
  • Salt -- to taste
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil -- a drizzle
  • Pepper -- to taste
  • Double Fiber Whole Wheat Bread (or any other kind of bread) -- 2 slices


  1. Toast the bread until golden brown (I used the toaster, can be toasted in oven)
  2. Spread ricotta cheese liberally on both the slices. Arrange tomato slices and peach slices on top of each other on one slice.
  3. Arrange onions and basil leaves on the other. Cover one slice on another, press lightly. Take a deep breath, and a big bite. Enjoy!!!





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  14 Responses to “Tomato, Peach & Ricotta Sandwich”

  1. Quite a mix of flavors!!! Very healthy n hearty meal!!!!

  2. well frankly even I too do not like to mix fruits in sandwich but they taste really good…its our mind block!!..cool sandwich.. different.

  3. Delicious!!! picture perfect!!
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  4. Watelse we need, peach in sandwich thats sounds absolutely unique, am loving it.

  5. Beautiful combination.

  6. Mmm…i like the sound of the ricotta-peach combo on bread…i’d probably try this sans the onion though!

  7. Looks absolutely delicious, Jayanthi.

  8. with fruits, I am open to pineapple in sandwiches thanks to the russian grilled version and pomegranate in salads…but I am intrigued by peaches after seeing this., looks beautiful

  9. Love fruits in sandwiches.Lovely clicks dear..

  10. Beautiful pictures Jayanthi..and sandwiches are my all time comfort food..

  11. Refreshing flavors!

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