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My mother-in-law used to tell us stories of her childhood like how her grandmother used to give her just 1 or 2 murukkus for afternoon snack. I enjoy listening to her as she has a knack of telling the simplest thing in a dramatic theatrical way that I almost transform myself to her world. I miss the chit-chat and the warmth of having relatives around me especially during festive days. Diwali this year was just another day with usual routine with kids going to school and H going to office and I ended up being alone in the house surrounded by sweets and snacks but not a soul to share. In the evening seeing me so glum my son came to me and declared that once he becomes the President of America he’ll declare holiday for Diwali….with that hopes soaring so high I’m sharing one of the snacks that I made for this Diwali…hope you all had a wonderful Diwali.



This murukku is usually referred as white murukku in our house and kids loved it for its non-spiciness and crunchy taste. The ease of making this murukku is just another trait that I tend to make them often. Though this snack is usually made during festive days there is no written rule that it can’t be made for snacking on regular days as they are perfect tea/coffee companion. I don’t want to blow my own trumpet but felt I should let my readers know that this post happens to be my 200th post. Thank you for all your support and wishes.


Step-by-Step Pictorial:

MG 2928MG 2929

Mix rice flour, urad dal flour, salt, butter, and cumin seeds with enough water to make a soft dough. The right side picture is one kind of murukku press that’s available in Indian stores. The disc for this murukku is at the bottom which has holes all over it.

MG 2931MG 2934

Fill the murukku press with the dough. In a paper towel, as you rotate the handle just swirl the press to make murukku shapes.

MG 2916MG 2935

Meanwhile heat oil, test the oil with little dough, if it pops up immediately without changing color then it’s ready to go. Carefully drop the murukkus in hot oil. Wait for few minutes, flip and fry both sides until the bubbles die down and the murukkus are crisp. If you fry them longer the color might be slightly brown which is ok if you like your murukkus extra crisp. Remove from oil and drain them on paper towel to remove excess oil. Let it cool down completely and Enjoy with a cup of tea/coffee. Store the remaining murukkus in an airtight container.


Thenkuzhal Murruku [A Festive Snack for my 200th Post]


  • Rice Flour -- 2 cups
  • Urad Dal Flour -- 1/2 cup (If you don't have ready-made urad dal flour, then dry roast urad dal in a pan till slightly golden brown and grind them to a fine powder)
  • Butter -- 3 Tbsp (at room temperature)
  • Cumin seeds -- 1 Tbsp
  • Salt -- to taste
  • Oil -- for deep frying


  1. Heat oil for deep frying. In a large bowl mix rice flour, urad dal flour, and salt until well mixed.
  2. Add butter and cumin seeds and with your finger tips blend the butter into the flour well until the flour mixture is crumbly.
  3. Check the oil if its hot by testing the oil with little dough, if it pops up immediately without changing color then it's ready to go. Make sure that the disc inside the murukku press has the disc which has single or multiple holes.
  4. Now fill the murukku press with dough and close the lid with the rotating handle. In a paper towel(preferably) or directly in hot oil, rotate the handle of the murukku press while swirling the press in a circle making a circular string hopper.
  5. Let the murukkus fry for few minutes and then flip to cook the other side. Fry the murukkus on both sides until the bubbles in the oil subside down and the murukkus turn slightly golden brown for a more crispy texture.
  6. Remove from oil and drain them on a paper towel to remove excess oil. Let it cool down completely. Serve with hot tea/coffee. Store the remaining murukkus in an airtight container. Enjoy!!!

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  1. very authentic and yummy murukku!!!.. love your pictures!!!
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  2. Lovely, crunchy murukku.

  3. Congrats on your 200th post! The best way to celebrate is to go check out your first post and compare pictures with the last recipe 😉 you will really find reason to celebrate 🙂

    Btw murukku has come out perfect!

  4. I can never say no for these beautiful pretty ones..:)..looks so tempting..

  5. Congrats on ur 200th post Jayanthi :). Yea, I too love to hear such stories. And the murukkus look so crunchy and would to have it with that cup of coffee…

  6. Yummy murukku looking lovely and congrats on your 200th post

  7. Congrats Jayanthi. Murukku looks absolutely inviting. And as always beautiful clicks…

  8. Congrats Jayanthi on ur 200th post,way to go gal.I do share the same thought, wish all over the world Diwali is declared as a govt holiday.But unfortunately it wont happens.

    Love this crispy murukkus, i missed making some for this diwali.

  9. congrats with yummy muruku

  10. hi jayanti

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