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In south Indian cuisine poriyals and dry curries are a must as an accompaniment to rice. When I ask my mom for some tips and ideas to experiment with these curries, her answer would be that it’s the usual seasoning and roasting with not much room for experimentation. I couldn’t take that answer without trying. When I saw my husband soaking some black eyed peas in an attempt to increase our protein intake, I wanted to combine them with the raw banana curry to see if they would go well with one another. To my family’s liking it was so good that it’s become a common dish with a delicious taste and crunch in each bite. A simple dish with no need for any elaborate explanation, this dish perfectly fits the proverb, “The proof of the pudding is in the eating”.





Raw Banana — 3 medium nos

Black Eyed Peas — 1/4 cup (dry, soak in water for about 30 minutes)

Mustard seeds — 1 Tbsp

Curry Powder — 1 1/2 Tbsp

Coconut (Shredded) — 1 Tbsp

Salt — as per taste

Turmeric Powder — 1/2 tsp

Red Chillies — 1 (for seasoning)

Oil — 2 Tbsp


1. Peel the skin from raw banana and chop them in to small bite size pieces. Keep them in a bowl filled with water to prevent browning.

2. Cook black eyed peas in a pot of water with closed lids for about 10-15 minutes until well cooked. Drain water from the black eyed peas and keep aside.

3. In a non stick pan, add a tbsp of oil, mustard seeds and let it splutter, then add red chilly and let it brown. Add chopped raw banana, salt, turmeric powder and toss to coat evenly. Close the lid and fry till the raw banana is well cooked, about 10 minutes. Add remaining tbsp of oil and fry till the raw banana is crispy and golden brown on all sides. Add curry powder and mix well. Fry for additional 5 minutes.

4. Add shredded coconut, cooked black-eyed peas and mix well. Remove from fire and garnish with curry leaves. Serve hot with rice. Enjoy!!!




My Day 3, Group1 recipe under “Dry Sautees” theme. Check out the Blogging Marathon page for the other Blogging Marathoners doing BM#18

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  23 Responses to “Raw Banana and Black Eyed Peas Curry”

  1. Interesting,nutritious and super delicious curry, unique combo.

  2. this looks so yummy

  3. Very different combo and pictures look so good..

  4. Very different combo for curry and I love that first click…

  5. Good one. I am not that fond of raw banana except in chips form, but this looks interesting.

  6. mouthwatering subzi recipe… looks delicious

  7. The photos look good…am sure it tastes that way. Nice illustration.

  8. Looks so yummy!! Loving the pics!!

  9. I love banana curry…my MIL to combines it with black eyed peas occasionally!

  10. This is simply awesome!!!! Your pictures are too good.

  11. NIce and yummy stir fry

  12. a new combo…looks great!

  13. Perfectly fried and interesting combination

  14. crisp fried banana pieces interesting combination

  15. I remember seeing a plantain curry with mungbeans too. Definitely the addition of beans increases the nutritive value of the curry.

  16. Those crispy golden banana with the black eyed peas look great. I have two raw bananas in the pantry and I am going to try it tomorrow!

  17. Great way to add protein to a veggie dish.. Curry looks crispy and yummy.

  18. Lovely combo! Would be a splendid side for Thayir saatham!

  19. A very different combo.Looks very nice

  20. Thanks and lovely to read your thoughts.
    Gayathri: Do let me know how it turned out when you try.

  21. what a super tempting plate of veggie…never had this combination…

  22. Lovely and new recipe… very different combination.. Thanks for sharing


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