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I’ve made Naan before or I should say I’ve tried making Naan before. It was not perfect so my search was still on for the best naan recipe. When the Blogging Marathon was announced for this month, I eagerly took the Bread baking as my first week’s theme indicating my passion for baking. I was little nervous about the outcome due to my previous not so perfect try. But this recipe that I got after an intense search is a definite winner with some minor modifications I made to the original recipe. If you would like to taste the best home made Naan then look no further, my kids and my husband were very impressed by the soft and tasty Naan. I served it with Koftas and it was just perfect!!! Here it goes for BM#15, Day 1…


Dry active yeast — 1 package

Sugar — 2 tsp

Salt — 1 tsp

Warm water (temp between 107 to 110)– 3/4 cup

All purpose flour — 2 1/2 cup

Ghee or Vegetable shortening — 1/4 cup (I used melted butter)

Vanilla flavored yogurt — 3 Tbsp (I used plan yogurt with a tsp of vanilla extract mixed with it)

Melted butter for brushing


1. Microwave water for 30 seconds. Check the temperature with a cooking thermometer for the correct temperature. Add sugar and yeast. Allow yeast to soften and stir until yeast is dissolved. Cover measuring cup with towel and allow yeast and water to froth for 5-10 minutes.

2. In another bowl, combine flour and salt. Add yeast water, yogurt, vanilla extract, ghee and knead for 5-10 minutes until a soft dough is formed. (Note: The original recipe calls for 1 1/2 cups of flour measurement only, but I needed 2 1/2 cups of flour to get the correct dough. So start by adding 1 1/2 cups of flour and keep adding flour little by little until a soft dough is formed.)

3. Place dough in bowl coated with oil and turn dough around to evenly coat. Cover bowl with towel and allow to rise in a warm area for about 1 hour or until the dough has doubled. (Note: I heated my oven under broil 550F for about a minute. Switched off the oven. Kept my bowl with the dough to rise in that warm oven.)

4. Preheat oven to 400F. Divide dough into 10-12 pieces and roll out on floured surface into circles. Place rolled out dough on greased cookie sheet or baking stone and brush with melted butter. I added some chopped garlic and cilantro for variation. Cook in oven for 8 minutes or until lightly browned and puffed up.As an alternative, you can set your oven under broil, and keep the cookie sheet and broil the Naan for 2-3 minutes. I liked the broiled naan more than the baked version.

5.Serve naan immediately or store in pantry or freezer. Enjoy!!!

IMG 1453


IMG 1440IMG 1441IMG 1442

Combine flour, salt, yogurt, vanilla extract and ghee. Add the proofed yeast and sugar mixture to the flour mixture. Knead well to form a soft dough (about 5-10 mins in hand).

IMG 1443IMG 1446IMG 1447

Place the dough in well greased bowl. Coat evenly throughout the dough. Let it sit in warm area for 1 hour. The middle photo is taken after 40 minutes. The last photo is taken after an hour.

IMG 1448IMG 1449

Divide the dough in to 10 equal parts. Roll the dough in to tear shaped and place it in a cookie sheet. Brush it well with melted butter and garnish with your choice of topping. Bake/broil in 400/550F oven for 8 or 3 minutes (depending on baking or broiling option). Enjoy!!!







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  22 Responses to “Home made Naan”

  1. wow looks super delicious..addin vanilla essence is new..does that alter the taste much?..naans surely look very inviting..

  2. awesome and well cooked naan…look so tempting with gravy

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  3. Love Naan, but never tried them @ home. adding vanilla essence, does the taste reflect in the naan?

  4. nice layout makeover you have here, Jayanthi 🙂 the naans look tempting. I too posted one today, albeit a stove top 🙂

    Addition of vanilla essence is interesting.. how did it taste when baked ??

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  5. Stunning and prefect looking naan, would like to have some rite now..Well done Jayanthy..

  6. Vanilla in naan wow very interesting. nicely baked and you got a beautiful color

  7. the hot naans r truly tempting..wonderful combo.

  8. Vanilla flavored yogurt in the ingredient list raised my eye brow. Interesting! The naan looks perfectly baked though!

  9. Looks perfect and it reminds me of the naan served in restaurants. Am intrigued by vanilla essence in naan….

  10. Naan look perfect…bookmarking this one!!

  11. Naan looks great.

  12. Naan has come out perfectly. I tried baking it too. But attempt failure.
    Loved that you have added vanilla flavor to it.

  13. Thank you all ….loved reading your comments. The vanilla flavor gave a sweet aroma when baked….but the taste of the naan was totally unaltered.

  14. Homemade naans are a big hit at home. These look just as delicious!

  15. An other Naan, they are always loved at home.., I do get them here but my kids love home made!, looks super

  16. Baked naan wow jayanthi.. they have turned out so well. I am yet to make them & have always been pushing it.. high time i should try it!

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  17. these look fabulous…are on my to do list

  18. Naan looks awesome…

  19. The naans look very nice. I remember my trial, it turned out to be like rubber 🙂

  20. Naans are inviting me. Fabuous clicks, baked naan is very intresting.

  21. Looks yum and delicious.

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