Oct 242014

Have you tried sandwiches with pomegranate? It’s not something that’s crossed my mind like ever but I should say I’ve tried pomegranate covered dark chocolate and they are decadent. My family loves pomegranate and I should say I’m a big fan of this fruit myself. My lovely neighbor recently shared a bag full of pomegranates that she harvested from her backyard and my kiddos were thankfully not present when she stopped by. I’m sure my kids wouldn’t be shy to express their excitement by jumping up and down thereby embarrassing the hell out of me giving a wrongful insight that we never shop for fruits.


I was browsing the web for sandwich ideas for my kids lunch box and stumbled upon the minimalistbaker website and loved the idea of almond butter, dark chocolate and pomegranate in a grilled sandwich. I didn’t have dark chocolate in my pantry but my almond butter is mixed with chocolate and I used that as my option and it worked out very well. I’m so addicted to these sandwiches that I made some sandwiches to quench my craving as I write this post. I don’t need to mention that my kids loved it too and this sandwich is sure to appear in their lunch boxes as well as mine in the near future. Enjoy!!!




Almond Butter Pomegranate Sandwich


  • Crusty Bread -- 4 slices (I used my regular loaf)
  • Butter -- 2 Tbsp
  • Almond Butter with Chocolate -- 4 Tbsp (or 4 Tbsp Almond Butter and 4 squares of dark chocolate)
  • Pomegranate perils -- 2-3 Tbsp


  1. Heat a large grill pan or skillet over medium heat. Butter the outside of four slices of bread. Spread almond butter with chocolate on the insides of two slices of bread (optionally, spread regular almond butter and top them with two squares of dark chocolate on each slice of bread). Top the almond butter with pomegranate perils.
  2. Top with two slices of bread buttered sides up. Place the sandwich on the skillet. Press with the flat side of the spatula and let it evenly brown. Carefully flip the sandwich and grill the other side until crisp and golden brown. These sandwiches are decadent when served hot but they are equally good when boxed for a picnic or lunch box. Enjoy!!!





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  10 Responses to “Grilled Almond Butter Pomegranate Sandwich”

  1. A very unique combination. Love the presentation.

  2. Now am tempted to make this pomegranate sandwich.. Looks fabulous..

  3. Great combo.. should try it soon

  4. We love pomegranate at home as well, must say this idea never struck me as we..thanks.will try it sometime..

  5. Lovely presentation and a unique combo for a sandwich filling!

  6. That is one unique combination and am trying to figure out how it must have tasted eventhough i have eaten chocolate covered pomegranates.

  7. wow thats an fab combo , wud love to give it a try soon 🙂 wonderful clicks dear !!

  8. An interesting combination. Nice, vibrant pics.

  9. what an unusual combo of ingredients. would love to try this sandwich for sure

  10. That is such an interesting sandwich! Would love to try it sometime.

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