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As a child I would model my older brother especially when we went out to eat in restaurants. I would wait till he ordered so I can order the same just so I didn’t want him to have a better meal. Even on very rare occasions if I did order a different dish my brother would just make it seem that I missed something terrible and that would be make me one grumpy person. Because of him I’ve never tried anything new at restaurants and I knew about different dishes after he left for college. Aapam was one such dish. With crispy outer edges and soft center its very nice recipe that goes well with kadalai (Garbanzo or Black Channa) gravy or simple stew. I often make aapam not for breakfast but for dinner during weekends. I mix the batter just after lunch and let it ferment till its ready to be used around dinner time and thus eliminating the big question of ‘what to make?’ for at least a day. So easy to make, this recipe is on our menu at least once in two weeks.

IMG 2270



Nirapara Idiyappam/Aapam powder or Rice Flour — 2 cups

Rava — 2 Tbsp

Rapid rise yeast — 1 tsp

Sugar — 3 Tbsp

Salt — a pinch

Thick Coconut milk — 1/2 to 1 cup

Water — as needed


1. In a small saucepan heat about 1/2 cup of water and when it comes to boil slowly add rava and keep mixing it. Once the rava cooks and thickens switch off the flame and let it cool completely. This is called rava kurukku.

IMG 2262

2. In a bowl add ready made appam powder or rice flour, salt, sugar, yeast, rava kurukku, thick coconut milk and about 2-3 cups of water. Mix well and make sure there are no lumps. Cover and let it ferment for at least 3 to 4 hours or overnight.

IMG 2263IMG 2264IMG 2265

3. When ready to make aapam, add enough water to make the batter to running consistency. Heat the aapam pan (I have the non-stick pan so didn’t need to use any oil) and when hot, add about a big laddle of batter in the center and quickly lift the pan and circle the pan to spread a thin coating of the batter around the edges of the pan. Cover and cook till the batter in the center is cooked and the edges get a nice golden brown color. Carefully remove the aapam from pan and serve with your choice of kadalai curry (Garbanzo beans/Black Channa) or potato stew. Enjoy!!!

IMG 2266IMG 2267IMG 2269

I fermented the batter for about 4 hrs and this is how the fermented batter should look.

IMG 2281


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  20 Responses to “Easy Aapam”

  1. Haha Jayanthi, you are almost like me, i’ll wait for my sister to choose her meal first too, Appam makes me hungry, its been ages i had it,coz none at home love it..

  2. Childhood rambling with siblings is always such a lovely memory!..appam looks great, I have never made with flour..sounds good for those times when we cant’ grind..

  3. Childhood memories are always an treasure….appam looks yum……

  4. Appam looks nice.

  5. Priya, Valli, Lubna: Thanks for your kind words.

  6. WOW!!! Appam looks so..crispy , inviting picture. I have not made appam this way, surely try this,.

  7. very cute looking aapams!

  8. Delicious looking aapams,I do make this one whenever feel lazy to grind the batter….

  9. aapam looks delicious!…these are yummy memories!

  10. wow appam looks so delicious. nice one

  11. Harini, Smitha, Nalini, Kanan: Thank you for your kind words.

  12. first time here…..
    appam looks perfect and very tempting 🙂

  13. bookmarking this jayanthi :).. have to try this.. Can i use active dry yeast??

  14. Aruna: Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for your kind words.

    Rasi: I guess you can use active dry yeast. In that case, try proofing the yeast first before mixing with batter. That is, in lukewarm water (110F) add sugar and salt as per the ingredients and mix well. Leave it for 5 mins for the yeast to froth. Then add the yeast to the batter along with other ingredients and leave it to ferment for additional hour just to make sure the yeast did its work properly. Let me know how it turned out.

  15. Book marked!!….have been wanting to try this since along time…absolutely gorgeous:)

  16. Nice idea..appam looks yummy n tempting! U got a nice collection of recipes!

  17. Vaishali: Thank you, let me know how you liked it.
    Mahi: Thanks for stopping by and appreciate your comments.

  18. Just came across this site. Looking forward to trying this recipe. My kids love them, especially when made sweet. After the batter settles in the bottom, add sweetened coconut milk (sugar to taste + coconut milk or a mix of coconut and dairy milk if you are watching the fat) to the center. finish as usual. break off the crispy part, scoop up the soft sweet center and enjoy! Yum.

  19. Thank u for this recipe.I have a question, if we dont want to use rava kurukkuI ( because of gluten allergies i can’ t use semolina rava),can we use rice rava instead.Or is there anyother alternative.Any response appreciated.Thank you.

    • Sameena, I think fine rice rava should work (make a fine powder of rice rava resembling that of semolina rava) and try it. If that doesn’t work I would just try it without the rava kurukku as such.

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