Aug 042012

I started blogging to share my passion for cooking. My husband is a big foodie just like me and is always vivid in trying new dishes and that inspires me to enter my kitchen with infinite possibilities. Well I still blog for the same reason but have found it to be a great means to learn new dishes, make new friends, and enjoy my time in the blogging world.

Avant Garde Cookies thumb[1]

After been invited to this closed group, I learnt few new words Avant-Garde referring to people who are experimental or innovative and who are willing to push their boundaries of what is accepted as the norm (Source: Wikipedia), Epicurean (a person devoted to sensual enjoyment of good food and drink). Now, by just joining the group I was able to learn few words, I’m excited and look forward to ride along with these admirable bloggers who I’m sure would quench my thirst and aid me in absorbing knowledge like a sponge. From September you would be reading more about my voyage with these wonderful ladies and look out for theme based recipes, recipes with secret ingredients, recipes from different cuisines around the world etc…

Anusha — I love her straightforward talk that is so interesting to read and virtually makes you feel that you’ve known this person all your life. Her recipes are absolutely fantastic and I don’t know if I can try all her recipes in my life time.

Priya –The vast information that she provides about a recipe is something commendable. She amazes you with complicated recipes like wheat halwa and make it seem effortless.

Radhika –I participate in Radhika’s Blog Hop and that’s how I met her (virtually). A beautiful person who proudly hosts a wonderful blog with many events and excellent recipes. She is very inspirational and I wish I had the same energy and enthusiasm as her.

Roshni –I absolutely love her way of expressing her thoughts in words(something that I’m still learning to do!). Her unique idea of coming up with a post is just so innovative. I loved to read her “Hubby’s view of how cooking blog changed my life”, in fact I could relate many of the thoughts and that put a smile on my face.

Veena — A very artistic person who has a flare for making authentic dishes with simple recipe writing making even a novice cook to boldly try new dishes with ease.

Kavi –The youngest person with down to earth personality makes you want to know her more and extend the bond of friendship without any second thought. Her vast collection of recipes is just amazing and absolutely delicious.

That’s it, stay tuned for more fun and of course amazing recipes from my journey!!!

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  28 Responses to “Introducing my new Epicurean Voyage —Avant Garde Cookies”

  1. Welcome.. can’t wait for you to join us… this is super exciting

  2. Enjoy your holiday. get back and join us all with a big bang. what do you say?

  3. Let me say it officially!! Welcome to the club Jay!!

  4. welcome jayanthi ūüôā

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