Sep 172012
Ricotta-Feta Spread

I like simple dishes that look and taste fancy. Dips are one such dishes that go very fast in a party. All you need is a blender or food processor to quickly blend the ingredients and voila –you get this wonderful creamy tasty dip that can easily be paired with pita triangles or unsalted crackers or better yet a crunchy toast. This recipe is an adapted version of Sommer’s Feta Dip. We liked the spread Want to know more about this recipe?

Feb 192012
Tender Winter Melon Skin Thuvayal/Chutney

Winter Melon has no distinct taste or flavor of its own. But its highly nutritious and is a good source of Vitamin B and dietary fiber. In Chinese medicine, winter melon is used in treating minor urinary tract problems. Usually we remove the skin from the winter melon and throw them away. Next time when you remove the skin and find it to be very tender, think twice about throwing it away. This recipe uses Want to know more about this recipe?