Apr 152013
Baby corn & Mushroom Soup

My recent slack of being adventurous in the kitchen has made me open the thinking doors in my brain or a self-reflection both of which I rarely do. The reasoning I was close to accepting for my lack of being myself or being enthusiastic to new things is sheer laziness or the endless saga of expectations that I’ve been shouldering without a moment to breath and with no appreciation. Without awareness to my constant train of Want to know more about this recipe?

Nov 022012
Chickpea & Pasta Soup

A very happy belated Happy Halloween to everyone. You know what I was for Halloween this year? “Rudolph with a bullhead . I didn’t need a costume…now that’s strange isn’t it. Lemme explain, I was Rudolph as I was naturally having a red nose (courtesy: running nose) and I was raging at anyone who would come near me with an attitude and that’s when I was wearing the invisible bull head ready to stomp on anyone waving Want to know more about this recipe?

Sep 292012
Sweet Corn Vegetable Soup

Fall season has started officially meaning cold and wind chills are right there to surprise you early in the morning with summer like heat in the afternoon and without a caution the weather changes back to cold weather in the evening. Oh, hold your thought, I’ve not taken a part time job as weather woman nor I can predict the weather or for that matter any thing other than what can be cooked with the Want to know more about this recipe?

Jul 232012
Broccoli & Edamame Soup

My little one loves to eat anything with a soft texture. I call him a grandpa as he likes to eat foods that needs little to no chewing. The modern era has made him a lazy boy who just wants to do minimum effort while eating his food. He likes to gobble them up (that’s his explanation) and be done with the constant nagging of being told to eat. Rice has to be cooked mushy Want to know more about this recipe?