Oct 252015
Tomato Kootu [Raw Tomato Gravy]

I don’t like to plan my meals…..its too much effort and time-consuming. I rather start my cooking by standing in front of my refrigerator doors wide open. I then ponder on what to cook with ingredients in my pantry and let my creativity take its shape. I reserve complex and elaborate¬†dishes for holidays as I need to give its due justice by providing the required time in enjoying and savoring the dish rather than rushing Want to know more about this recipe?

Oct 232015
Stuffed Eggplant Curry

Good things come to those who wait…..and this recipe has done its due diligence in waiting to be published. I made this wonderful recipe as a side for Kashmiri pulao (recipe here) long time back and I’ve been wanting to post the eggplant side dish but didn’t get the right opportunity. Now that I’m still on the hunt for my dslr I’m using my saved recipes as pictures are more appealing than the ones that Want to know more about this recipe?

May 162014
Kesar Paneer

Many cuisines have a mix of spices specific to them. Spices are used in many different forms and every spice adds their signature taste to its dish. Most Indian dishes have their own unique mixture of spices and many of these dishes have their unique taste based on the method of cooking and the addition of spices either in the earlier or later part of cooking. For example lighter spices are added last to retain Want to know more about this recipe?

Jun 252013
Soya Chunks Kofta Curry

Losing weight is an ongoing battle that I struggle to keep pace every now and then. When I curiously asked my doctor how come I don’t lose weight even though I eat consciously and try to exercise as much as I can. His simple answer a typical male answer where everything in the universe can be simplified in to a single equation amount of weight loss = calorie in – calorie out(expelled during exercise or Want to know more about this recipe?

Jun 112013
Jalfrezi Vegetables

We deal with peer pressure from schools to work and anywhere else and its better we don’t let them affect us (Easier said than done isn’t it?). I sometimes feel peer pressure is just not applicable to us but to dishes and cuisine. When I heard “Jalfrezi” I immediately assumed that its got to be complicated with rich exotic taste and the hype went on without scanning through the recipe as such. Poor thing I Want to know more about this recipe?

May 152013
Mushroom Peas Makhani

First, my apologies…I’ve been hibernating in my hermit hole the past few days for reasons I’m unable to decipher myself. That being said, I’ve truly felt the extra love, attention, and care from my family, friends(including my lovely blogger friends) and their understanding and support during this low period of my life. Snapping out of the irrelevant emotions this recipe which is due over a month ago is from one of my fellow blogger and Want to know more about this recipe?

Mar 212013
Paneer Pasanda [Rich Paneer Gravy]

Paneer Pasanda is a popular dish from Mughlai Cuisine. Mughal or any other royals are famous for very rich and exotic dishes and when I hear the name Mughal all I can remember is the history lessons I so painfully endured during my childhood days. I used every curse and swore off as many things as I could for forcing me to remember historical dates and the nightmares I endured days before history exams. Man, Want to know more about this recipe?

Nov 092012
Niramish Alu Dom [Spicy Baby Potato Gravy]

My site is filled with only Niramish aka Vegetarian dishes then why the heck did I name this recipe Niramish? It’s not me, this recipe is from bongcookbook and according to “BongMom”, when Bengalis cook vegetarian dishes they would explicitly name them vegetarian and I didn’t want to spoil the originality of this recipe. While searching for Bengali recipes I’ve learnt few words and slang that Bong aka Bengalis typically use. More importantly got little Want to know more about this recipe?

Oct 252012
Lauki Chole

I have successfully fought the urge to shop for the past two weeks. I’m referring to grocery shopping especially vegetable/Indian groceries as I tend to stock them up until I don’t have space in my refrigerator or my pantry as if an apocalypse is waiting to happen. I have taken an official oath in front of my husband that I’m gonna cook vegetables from the vegetable drawer as well as my frozen compartment before heading Want to know more about this recipe?

Jun 242012
A New Look for Cabbage Koftas in Rich Malai Gravy

This recipe fondly reminds me of my first neighbor after coming to US, babhiji, was how my husband and many of his friends called her and I without any hesitation tagged along. It was a whole new world for me and she affectionately used to teach me many North Indian recipes. Even though we moved out of state soon, the memories and sharing of her expertise has taught me many things that I still cherish Want to know more about this recipe?