Feb 172015
Girls Scouts Cookies -- Thin Mints

“Sometimes you will never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory.”–(unknown) I have one such memory from my childhood. My mom used to travel about 17km each way to work and so were my brother and me. On many days my mom used to surprise us with treats from a local bakery near her work and we used to fight for the Japanese cake, I can really imagine the taste Want to know more about this recipe?

Nov 052012
Calzone with Chole Filling

Calzones are Italian turnovers or more commonly folded pizza. They are usually filled with all the toppings that adorn a pizza but I’ve used chole as the filling. It’s totally fun to make and very tasty too. If you had to make calzone from scratch, you might need to start with a basic pizza dough recipe or take my route, semi-homemade cooking and use store-bought pizza dough. Pizza dough is so handy especially on busy nights Want to know more about this recipe?

Oct 232012
Garlic Pull Apart Rolls

It’s time for blogging marathon again and this week’s theme is to cook recipes from fellow bloggers. I’m sure most of you agree that not knowing what to cook is much more difficult than cooking as such. But I know realize its equivalently difficult to choose if there are too many choices. As many of you are aware there are many talented bloggers who cook, click, and post recipes with passion and dedication that their Want to know more about this recipe?

Oct 182012
Fried Idli Upma

Ok, seriously I didn’t know what else to make and I successfully managed to change a healthy dish into an unhealthy one. I felt very guilty frying idlis (I usually pan fry them with minimal oil) but wanted to taste the fried idlis as I do let my family(myself included) to occasionally indulge in such sinful foods. Idli upma is generally made by crumbling leftover idlis but this time I deep fried mini idlis and Want to know more about this recipe?

Oct 142012
Doodh Peda (Milk Sweet)

I always thought it would be much easier to cook with less ingredients  but when we (Avant Garde Cookies) decided to cook with 5 ingredients or less for this week’s theme I was totally blank not knowing what to cook. The frantic search and counting number of ingredients in a recipe was quite tedious and I admit, I found it way harder to cook with less ingredients.I am a person who believes “The more the Want to know more about this recipe?

Sep 292012
Sweet Corn Vegetable Soup

Fall season has started officially meaning cold and wind chills are right there to surprise you early in the morning with summer like heat in the afternoon and without a caution the weather changes back to cold weather in the evening. Oh, hold your thought, I’ve not taken a part time job as weather woman nor I can predict the weather or for that matter any thing other than what can be cooked with the Want to know more about this recipe?

Sep 192012
Taco Naan Pizza

I’m not trying to squeeze three recipes in one, it’s just one recipe. Necessity is the mother of invention and this recipe was created out of my necessity to please my kids as well as make it easy for me. My kids wanted taco and I didn’t want to feed them processed wraps for a meal. I saw the idea of taco pizza when I was browsing and extrapolated the same idea to the naan Want to know more about this recipe?

Sep 112012
Mo-Cho-Co-Ba (Mocha Chocolate Coconut Banana) Muffins

I don’t like guessing games. Period. My daughter constantly engages me in her guessing games and I just suck at it. Today’s game was for me to guess the picture she drew for her science homework. Oh boy, I didn’t know I could guess so many animals and she was so pissed at each of the wrong guesses that I ended up with a swollen arm (one hit for each wrong one!!!). I think its Want to know more about this recipe?

Sep 102012
Chocolate Filled Short bread Cookies

As everyone knows, Short bread cookies aka Christmas cookies is just a mix of butter, flour, and powdered sugar. When it comes to cooking treats for kids I always find simple yet delicious ones sell more than elaborate, decorative kinds. I usually don’t go overboard especially when my kids are aware that I’m baking a treat for them. Their impatience or constant babbling is not my ideal working environment. However simple these cookies are to Want to know more about this recipe?

Sep 092012
No- Bake Chocolate Almond Fudge [Eggless]

A big hello and I’m welcoming myself back to the world of blogging after a fairly long break. Every couple of years I visit my folks and recharge myself with their pampering and come back completely rejeuvenated. I day dream filled with longing memories of going on vacation again only to be shaken by the hustle and bustle of my daily routine which keeps me running on my toes from morning to night. My only Want to know more about this recipe?