Feb 182015
Dhalia Biscuits or Kuih Semperit

Dhalia Biscuits otherwise known as Kuih Semperit in Malay language is a basic butter cookies but shaped like a flower. These cookies are widely popular during festive seasons like Chinese New Year, Aidil Fitri, Diwali or Christmas in Malaysia. The cookies very much resemble butter cookies in taste and I was totally drawn to these cookies just with one look. There was one another factor that made this cookie so interesting to make is the Want to know more about this recipe?

Apr 232012
Mango Delight

As a child I was pampered with loads of mangos during summer. Because this fruit can increase your body heat my dad used to cut the mangos and give each person a share, you get either the pulp or the seed. Of course I used to get a slightly higher share because this fruit is my absolute favorite. I some how used to coax him to give me a whole mango and some days I Want to know more about this recipe?