Mar 102016
Kale Tofu Quinoa Salad

“I’m not gaining weight, I’m retaining food” — author unkown Currently my weighing scale and I are on a hiatus as we don’t communicate well with one another. I want the scale to tip in the right direction but no matter what I do, they seem to tip the wrong way. I’ve stopped caring about weight gain and started focusing on clean and healthy eating, with small indulgences every now and then. Don’t question me Want to know more about this recipe?

Nov 172014
Mixed Vegetable Manchurian with Tofu Fried Rice

Many of the Indo-Chinese recipes are not very complicated if we have the right ingredients in the pantry. These manchurians are similar to making koftas except the gravy in koftas are quite rich when compared to this gravy. There are two ways of making manchurians– Gobi (Cauliflower) manchurian and Mixed Vegetable manchurian. My family loves gobi manchurian and they are truly very delicious and they lean towards gobi manchurian versus any other variety in any Want to know more about this recipe?

Oct 302014
Edamame Fried Rice

Fried rice are very common and are most welcome to the rice eaters in my family. We hardly dine at Chinese or Thai restaurants as my son is allergic to peanuts and sesame seeds. Having to explain the allergies and further investigate if peanut or sesame seeds were used in a particular dish makes the dinning experience a harrowing one. I make most of my kids favorite Chinese dishes modified to their taste at home Want to know more about this recipe?

Aug 042013
Veggie Momos

I’m a newbie to Momos. It’s a new word in my vocabulary, haven’t heard of this dish nor have I tried or tasted it. When this dish was one among many others in this week’s to-do list I had to try it just for its rhyming name. Yep, I have a thing for unique recipes and unique vegetarian recipe names is more attractive and bless all the cooking Gods for my family’s eagerness to taste Want to know more about this recipe?

Jun 112012
Rice Wrapper Veggie Rolls

“As a rule, children dislike foods which are said to be good for them, or are forced on them, and they take strong fancies to foods which they are not allowed to eat; advantage should be taken of these tendencies.”–Eric Pritchard. I take advantage by disguising the foods that are good to them in fancy dishes and give them names they’ve never heard off and they seem to enjoy the new dish. To be honest, Want to know more about this recipe?

Mar 202012
Lijad Papad chat -Chinese style

I love lettuce wrap we get in a local Chinese restaurant. They give a bowl of filling (mix of finely diced tofu, water chestnuts, spring onions in Chinese sauce) that you stuff inside a big leaf of lettuce and eat. Well, I wanted to add a twist to that recipe by having it with Lijad papad. I like to eat spicy food on cold rainy days and this snack adds the right kick and zing. Want to know more about this recipe?

Feb 282012
Gobi Manchurian

Gobi Manchurian is an Indo-Chinese dish and I love Gobi in the form of manchurian. My daughter orders this dish whenever we go to Indian restaurant. If I cook Gobi(cauliflower) in any other form I get big faces and mumbling from the entire family. Yesterday, on the other hand I got extra help in setting the table, putting the toys away without any complaints because I was making Gobi Manchurian for dinner. With the right Want to know more about this recipe?

Feb 162012
Spicy Pineapple Fried Quinoa

Quinoa is a super nutritous grain. Its loaded with nutrients and I’m the only one in the family who eats quinoa on daily basis. This recipe is the same procedure as Spicy Pineapple Fried Rice that I posted earlier, except that I’ve substituted Quinoa for rice. For more details on how to make this recipe, click here. For health and nutritional facts about Quinoa please visit here.   Quinoa a closer look— Thank you for Want to know more about this recipe?

Feb 162012
Spicy Pineapple Fried Rice

One of the first dishes that I ate in Chinese restaurant was Pineapple Fried Rice about 7 yrs back. Now I find that they are served in many of the Thai/Malaysian or any Asian restaurants. The popularity of this dish is because it has swetness, sourness, saltiness, spiciness and the crunchiness all in the same dish. I fell in love with this dish and my DH was the one who got me to taste this Want to know more about this recipe?