Feb 282012
Gobi Manchurian

Gobi Manchurian is an Indo-Chinese dish and I love Gobi in the form of manchurian. My daughter orders this dish whenever we go to Indian restaurant. If I cook Gobi(cauliflower) in any other form I get big faces and mumbling from the entire family. Yesterday, on the other hand I got extra help in setting the table, putting the toys away without any complaints because I was making Gobi Manchurian for dinner. With the right Want to know more about this recipe?

Feb 262012
Curd Vada (Dahi Vada)

Another variation for serving the urad dal vada is dahi vada. Soaked in thick curd and spiced with ground paste of green chillies, ginger, coconut and topped with boondi and fine sev, this variation tends to be the favorite among my kids. The procedure is very similar to making rasa vadas but instead of soaking the vadas in rasam these vadas are soaked in special curd. I’m giving the recipe for 10 Dahi Vada’s. Ingredients: Want to know more about this recipe?

Feb 262012
Rasa Vada (Urad Dal Vada soaked in Rasam)

I made vada’s yesterday and wanted to serve with different variation for my family. I had some Mysore Rasam left over from the lunch and so made Rasa Vada’s for dinner. I used to just make vadas and soak them directly in rasam or sambar or curd(dahi) but it was never soft or would not have absorbed the ingredients well. Then my mom taught me this easy trick and now whenever I make these vadas, Want to know more about this recipe?

Feb 262012
Vada (Urad Dal Vada)

Famously referred to as the vada with a hole, this vada is a delicacy. This vada can be very intimidating in the beginning but once you get the tricks of making it, its a breeze after that. Loaded with protein from urad dal this vada can be had just like that with any kind of chutney or more elaborately as sambar vada, rasam vada or curd vada (Dahi Vada). Ingredients: Urad Dal –1 cup Rice Want to know more about this recipe?