May 222012
Easy Aapam

As a child I would model my older brother especially when we went out to eat in restaurants. I would wait till he ordered so I can order the same just so I didn’t want him to have a better meal. Even on very rare occasions if I did order a different dish my brother would just make it seem that I missed something terrible and that would be make me one grumpy person. Because Want to know more about this recipe?

Mar 262012
Brown Rice Flour Rava Dosa

Most of the days I’m up enthusiastically trying many recipes and modifying it to suit my family’s taste palate. Today for some reason I preferred a simple yet tasty meal and without any doubt dosa was the answer to it. After seeing so many dosa varieties in the BM as well as many other sites, I couldn’t resist myself from trying a dosa recipe with brown rice flour for my Day 4, whole grain dishes Want to know more about this recipe?