Nov 022012
Chickpea & Pasta Soup

A very happy belated Happy Halloween to everyone. You know what I was for Halloween this year? “Rudolph with a bullhead . I didn’t need a costume…now that’s strange isn’t it. Lemme explain, I was Rudolph as I was naturally having a red nose (courtesy: running nose) and I was raging at anyone who would come near me with an attitude and that’s when I was wearing the invisible bull head ready to stomp on anyone waving Want to know more about this recipe?

Oct 252012
Lauki Chole

I have successfully fought the urge to shop for the past two weeks. I’m referring to grocery shopping especially vegetable/Indian groceries as I tend to stock them up until I don’t have space in my refrigerator or my pantry as if an apocalypse is waiting to happen. I have taken an official oath in front of my husband that I’m gonna cook vegetables from the vegetable drawer as well as my frozen compartment before heading Want to know more about this recipe?

Oct 172012
Broken Wheat Upma (Broken Wheat Pilaf)

Do you believe in miracles? I didn’t, until yesterday when my husband came home and said his lunch, which was “Broken Wheat Upma” was delicious. I didn’t know if I heard it right and alarmingly he repeated he loved it. I didn’t know I would hear it from the same man who abhors upma and who can give me 10 different expressions of hate and disgruntled tone with a single mention of the name upma. Want to know more about this recipe?

Oct 162012
Sabudana Upma (Tapioca Pearl Pilaf)

I can’t express my love for upma, I don’t know if its the ease in making or the mixed spicy taste that it provides with different textures all in one bite. My ears and eyes pop up every time some one mentions the name upma. My friends and I meet every Wednesday trying to catch up on local gossip (oh! I admit loud and clear that we love doing it) and more importantly share good Want to know more about this recipe?

Oct 112012
Spinach & Strawberry Salad with Strawberry Vinaigrette

Spinach and Strawberry in a salad? How odd right? Even I thought the same when a friend said she makes this salad often at home along with home-made strawberry vinaigrette. The thought of trying them was in my mind but if I had spinach then I had no strawberries and if I had strawberries I didn’t have spinach until the stars aligned and I got bountiful spinach and strawberry from my local farmer’s market this Want to know more about this recipe?

Oct 092012
Blueberry Chia Pudding[Vegan]

Every time I go shopping I swear and remind myself with reminder and a reminder for my first reminder to take my shopping list so I don’t end up spending on things not in my list. This time the list made it up to my minivan and I forgot to take them with me to the shop. They say everything happens for a reason and the best thing that happened was I got this small little pack Want to know more about this recipe?

Sep 292012
Sweet Corn Vegetable Soup

Fall season has started officially meaning cold and wind chills are right there to surprise you early in the morning with summer like heat in the afternoon and without a caution the weather changes back to cold weather in the evening. Oh, hold your thought, I’ve not taken a part time job as weather woman nor I can predict the weather or for that matter any thing other than what can be cooked with the Want to know more about this recipe?

Sep 172012
Ricotta-Feta Spread

I like simple dishes that look and taste fancy. Dips are one such dishes that go very fast in a party. All you need is a blender or food processor to quickly blend the ingredients and voila –you get this wonderful creamy tasty dip that can easily be paired with pita triangles or unsalted crackers or better yet a crunchy toast. This recipe is an adapted version of Sommer’s Feta Dip. We liked the spread Want to know more about this recipe?

Sep 162012
Cauliflower Crust Pizza

One of the good uses of cauliflower is to make pizza crust out of it. This recipe isn’t time-consuming and doesn’t require any yeast and definitely does not require you to wait for the dough to ferment as in the regular pizza crust. A big selling point for me was the calorie in each slice of this pizza(about 150 calories per slice) which is a fraction of a regular crust pizza. Now comes the warning, Want to know more about this recipe?

Jul 242012
Pasta with Veggie Sauce

I make pastas very often and I’m always on the look out for making it with as much variation as possible. I’ve tried sauteeing vegetables and then toss them with marinara sauce. I’ve tried grilling vegetables in the oven to get that charred taste and then tossing them with olive oil and cheese. I’ve tried baking them with cheese. This recipe was something my son loved it at my friend Anu’s house. She was trying Want to know more about this recipe?