Apr 252012
Multi-grain Penne Pasta with Spinach & Lentil Creamy Sauce

I am a big foodie and we enjoy different flavors in vegetarian dishes from around the world. Of all, my family does lean more towards Italian food apart from the traditional Indian food we make at home. The thought of creating a fusion of Italian and Indian dishes is like having to taste the best of both worlds. I’ve had spinach alfredo pasta in many of the local restaurants but was curious to create something Want to know more about this recipe?

Apr 062012
My archived entries reposted for Only Starters & Snacks Event

Based on the request from¬† Raji, I’m creating a repost for my archived entries for the “Only Starters & Snacks”, event which was started by Pari. My archived entries are Baked Poha Cups Aloo Paneer Parotta Basket Check their websites for more details about the event.   Thank you for visiting Sizzlingveggies.com. If this is your first time here — a Warm Welcome. Get ready with your chef hat, apron, and a big SMILE to Want to know more about this recipe?