Nov 112014
Nanaimo Bars

Nainaimo (pronounced as “nuh-NI-mo”) is a very famous dessert originated from city of Nanaimo, British Columbia. They are quite popular dessert which requires no baking and made of three layers. Each of these layers are quite decadent by themselves and put together they taste like heaven. These bars are so popular that they are named as “Canada’s Favorite Confection”. The bars are so rich that they have become a must in any festivity especially Canadian Want to know more about this recipe?

Jun 182014
Mac n Cheese Mini Pies

Mac n Cheese is an all time favorite in our house. My kids prefer mac n cheese and secretively I like them too. Whenever I make mac n cheese I tend to sneak couple of spoons before serving them to my kids. Since the traditional recipe is loaded with empty carbs without much nutrients I mix some veggie puree or pasta sauce to the mac n cheese to provide at least one serving of veggies. Want to know more about this recipe?

Feb 242014
Apple Blueberry Chocolate Crisp

I love single serving recipes. They are quite easy to make and perfect for sweet cravings without over indulgence. I get very tempted when a recipe is a success and there’s little I can do to control my hands as it has a mind of its own. The recipe is quite simple to make and can be done from start to finish in little under 5 minutes and are quite handy when you need to Want to know more about this recipe?

Aug 052013
Samosa Pot Pie

“You can’t just turn on creativity like a faucet. You have to be in the right mood. What mood is that? Last-minute panic.” — Bill Watterson I’m in a state of panic as I put off writing this post yesterday and now I’m unable to turn on my creativity faucet. Some people work very well under pressure and I used to be the person who used to make the best laid plans, “Used” being the Want to know more about this recipe?

Jul 112012
Banoffee Pie

Banoffee Pie is a short form for “Banana Toffee” pie. I was very much intrigued by this recipe when I was browsing Ruchira’s blog (thegreatcookaroo), my partner for this month’s Blog Hop. She has a great writing style capturing the readers with details. Being a vegetarian I had a list of recipes selected from her vast selection that’s appetizing for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. I love this recipe for ease of its making and Want to know more about this recipe?

Jun 302012
Crustless Spinach & Tofu Quiche

When laddles and mixing bowls are spread out everywhere with baking trays and parchment paper lining every corner of my kitchen, it subtly indicates I’m baking. Off late my kids can read the invisible sign to not come near the kitchen if I am baking or experimenting. With so much bells and whistle I did successfully bake the best eggless Quiche. When my husband arrived, I boasted with pride that I made Quiche as in Want to know more about this recipe?

Apr 302012
Canadian Desert --Butter Tarts (Eggless)

This month’s Baking-Eggless Group’s challenge was to make Canadian favorite desert “Butter Tarts” in eggless version. Its very obvious from the name Butter Tarts that this desert is loaded with butter. So skinny cooks be aware, this one is not for you. But people who really want to have a sample of divine taste at least once in your lifetime go ahead and read more. The thought of making this desert made me go to Want to know more about this recipe?

Apr 082012
Oatmeal Creme Pies

The search for a not so usual oatmeal recipe began when I decided to do the whole grain theme in previous blogging marathon. I loved the idea of sandwiching oatmeal cookies with marshmallow filling from bakingdom here and added to it, this recipe had a version of making it eggless, making my job easier. I’ve been wanting to making this recipe ever since I spotted them but didn’t get a chance to make them until Want to know more about this recipe?