Dec 092013
Mini Sour Cream Bundt Cake

Do I apologize? Can I apologize? Crap, I’m at loss of words after taking such a long break. Any reasoning is an excuse not that I can give a rational one. But I can wholeheartedly say I love being back. I’m working on trying recipes and taking pictures but this cake is something I made long ago which didn’t make it to the blog. Very easy to make and fool proof recipe, if you follow Want to know more about this recipe?

Feb 122013
Red Velvet Cheese Cupcakes --- SV turns One!!!

Happy Birthday Sizzlingveggies! I can’t believe that Sizzlingveggies turned one already. Phew! talk about how time flies ….anyway since its almost Valentines Day I thought I’ll do a special post to celebrate my one year of wonderful blogging and the heart day together. Looking back I’m extremely proud and exhilarated by the sheer amount of learning the knicks and knacks of blogging, designing the website, photography, recipe writing, making friends (the most important of all), Want to know more about this recipe?

Feb 102013
Chocolate Chip Oats Muffins

Morning rush is always fun for my husband to watch us run around the house like wild kids. Well, it depends on what you tag as “fun”. To me it’s like a roller coaster kind of fun. Where you go through whirlwind of rushing everyone and constantly reminding them to eat their breakfast before it’s too late to rush off to their daily chores. I’m not a morning person at all I often don’t like Want to know more about this recipe?

Dec 172012
Eggless Marble Cupcake with Caramel Sauce

I’ve never had marble cake before, in reality, I should say I’ve never seen a marble cake before. And I’ve been searching long and wide for a good fool-proof recipe and since I promised my kids I’ll bake cupcakes for them, I adapted a marble cake recipe (from here) and converted it to a cupcake recipe. I also wanted to substitute half the fat in the recipe with thick Greek yogurt. I found the cupcakes Want to know more about this recipe?

Dec 102012
Choco Banana Muffins II

I already have banana muffins with chocolate chips in my blog. The recipe that I already have is an eggless version and this one (taken from here)does have egg along with bananas that were so pathetically crying like a baby to be used in some form or the other. Eat with caution as they are very addictive, you are pre-warned! These muffins make perfect breakfast for your Christmas morning and don’t forget to add some Want to know more about this recipe?

Sep 112012
Mo-Cho-Co-Ba (Mocha Chocolate Coconut Banana) Muffins

I don’t like guessing games. Period. My daughter constantly engages me in her guessing games and I just suck at it. Today’s game was for me to guess the picture she drew for her science homework. Oh boy, I didn’t know I could guess so many animals and she was so pissed at each of the wrong guesses that I ended up with a swollen arm (one hit for each wrong one!!!). I think its Want to know more about this recipe?

Jul 112012
Monkey bread Mini Muffins

With my head pounding from my day’s running around in hot sweltering sun I sat down in front of my computer to write today’s post. My brain which was already shouting with aches refused to splatter words. As I was staring at the blank screen on how to write, my daughter came to my rescue by asking if I needed any help. I asked her for ideas on how to start this post and she Want to know more about this recipe?

May 302012
Coconut Banana Muffins

Have you heard of “banana aversion” gene, I haven’t heard of it too, but if there is one such gene, I think I inherited it. Me and banana have a long history of tug of war, with appa (my dad) trying to somehow make me like bananas and my system trying to eject it out as quickly as it gets in. Finally appa gave up knowing that genes can’t be changed with his carrot and Want to know more about this recipe?

May 212012
Chocolate Blueberry Breakfast Muffins (Eggless)

When I start to lose weight, the first place that gets thin is my face. An already elongated face, it gets even longer. Once my brother visited me after a long time and on a phone conversation with my mom this is how he described how I looked, “She has lost weight except that her face looks like someone gave her two tight slaps sandwiching both her cheeks together.” I would be super happy if Want to know more about this recipe?

Apr 032012
Date Cake Muffins [Eggless]

Last weekend was my daughters solo recital, hosted at our house. We were told there are going to be about 12 kids participating altogether. I was informed well in advance that I should be making some snacks for everyone. As the break is only for 10-15 minutes, I didn’t want to make anything elaborate. Along with samosas and other snacks I wanted to bake something eggless for the kids. I have made this date cake Want to know more about this recipe?