Apr 032013
Choco-Caramel Brownie Cookies

I’ve been dreaming about chocolate for quite sometime and the more I put off giving into my craving, the crazier I got and started hallucinating about chocolate in anything and everything. I pulled the final straw when I was browsing Roxanne’s Blog and couldn’t stop myself from making this recipe. A dream come true for any chocolate lover and with just one bite of these cookies I was in heaven. I was drowned with this Want to know more about this recipe?

Dec 162012
Nankhattai Topped with Chocolate Chips [Eggless]

Nankhattais are famously known as Indian cookies with simple ingredients but the results are mind-blowing. Before I started my blog, I made Nankhattai with sooji or semolina and I somehow didn’t like the taste. Like they say, “Once bitten twice shy” I refused to try Nankhattai until I heard from a friend about this recipe which didn’t use sooji and she swore that they’ll meet every conditions of melt in your mouth crispy cookies. After Want to know more about this recipe?

Dec 112012
Christmas Sugar Cookies

Sugar cookies are basic cookies yet I’ve not tasted one before. They are very common during holidays such as Christmas and Halloween as they are quite easy to work with and kids have fun decorating them. I’ve seen my kids decorate them for one of their school projects and assumed they would be extremely sweet until I had a chance to taste these freshly baked cookies right out of the oven. Though I’m not very Want to know more about this recipe?

Dec 102012
Almond and Cranberry Biscotti

Biscotti has its origin from Italy and derives the meaning twice baked/cooked biscuits or coffee breads. They are baked twice to get a dry texture so that they can be stored for long periods of time. Now, don’t get your hopes too high as they vanish with a blink of an eye. But don’t skip baking them twice as it gives that wonderful crunch you’ll need for a good biscotti. I used Giada’s recipe and Want to know more about this recipe?

Sep 302012
Orange Pistachio Biscotti with Dried Fruits

My first attempt at making biscotti and I loved every bit making them. I’m part of a baking eggless group, a bunch of passionate bakers who have ventured on a mission to experiment recipes with egg and turn them to eggless recipes. A fun way to bake, experiment, learn, and connect with other like-minded people. This month’s mission was to bake the orange_apricot_pistachio biscotti recipe taken from Baking Obsession to eggless ones. There are many Want to know more about this recipe?

Sep 102012
Chocolate Filled Short bread Cookies

As everyone knows, Short bread cookies aka Christmas cookies is just a mix of butter, flour, and powdered sugar. When it comes to cooking treats for kids I always find simple yet delicious ones sell more than elaborate, decorative kinds. I usually don’t go overboard especially when my kids are aware that I’m baking a treat for them. Their impatience or constant babbling is not my ideal working environment. However simple these cookies are to Want to know more about this recipe?

May 112012
Potato Chips & Fine Sev Cookies --My Guest Post for Kalyani's Blog

What is a guest post? For people new to the blogging world, this question is inevitable. After a quick internet search I found that guest posts are considered as posting or writing a special post for someone else’s blog. Now getting to ‘guest blog’ in just 2-3 months of starting my blog is quite exhilarating. This recipe caught my eye as I was browsing “Crazy about Cookies” book by Krystina Castella. The idea of baking Want to know more about this recipe?

Apr 262012
Hidden Strawberry Cookies

Everyone has some hidden secrets that they just don’t want to reveal it to the world. I try to hide my secrets with long kurtis, oversized coats, loose fitted tops, baggy pants and in secretive ways that are known only to me (at least some part of my secret should be hidden!!!). Many people tell I’ve lost weight and that very moment I tuck my stomach in and try to rationalize with my mind about Want to know more about this recipe?

Apr 252012
Strawberry Jam Kolache

My little cookie monster was so upset that I was baking only breads and not cookies for him. So I wanted to make a simple yet different cookie that he’ll enjoy. Sometimes simple foods are the ones that are more satisfying. This recipe needs only four ingredients and can be whipped in just about 30 minutes to surprise anyone or to snack on with tea/coffee. I was very much surprised to read (Southern Living’s Best Want to know more about this recipe?

Feb 192012
Eggless Surprise Chocolate Cookies

I had some mint chocolate filling left from my mint chocolate thumbprints that I baked. I wanted to make better use of the chocolate filling, so I baked these surprise chocolate cookies. The name has a surprise because of a surprise marshmallow topping that is covered beneath the chocolate filling. The original recipe calls for an egg but I tried to make it eggless and in the process had to adjust the flour measurement. In Want to know more about this recipe?