Jul 042017
Cinnamon Honey Butter

I’m super excited to blog this post and I hope I keep up the pace in the coming months. My daughter is a type of person who enjoys her food and loves life with a passion. The write up below is her description on today’s post and a pathway to her inner thoughts as a foodie.   I would say that I’m a relatively easy-to-please person when it comes to food. I sit down at Want to know more about this recipe?

Feb 172016
Triple Chocolate Banana Bread

“A Balanced Diet is Chocolate in Both Hands” — unkown People who eat loads of food and never gain weight….I so envy you. All I have to do is breathe or just think about food and poof!!! my weighing scale seems to tip in the wrong direction. A balanced diet may be the best medicine to solve my health issues. Well, my definition of balanced diet is exactly what the quote says. This recipe is Want to know more about this recipe?

May 162015
Eggless Banana Bread

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” –Thomas A. Edison I’ve tried many eggless recipes and some have turned out to be a success and some quite the failure that I’ve shelved in the To-Try later section. I was brought up in an environment where failure is not an option which is not realistic so I tend to teach my kids Want to know more about this recipe?

Mar 232015
Bombay Veg Sandwich

”America is a confirmed sandwich nation. Everywhere you go you find sandwich stands, sandwich shops, and nine out of ten people seem to stick to the sandwich-and-glass-of-milk or cup-of-coffee luncheon.” –James Beard I come from a place where rice and wheat are the staple food. Sandwiches are rarely provided as a snack smacked with jelly and butter. If you asked me to make a sandwich a decade ago I would have implicitly assumed and happily Want to know more about this recipe?

Jan 252015
Paska Easter Bread

If I have to convince someone to make this bread then I don’t think I can do it simply with words. This bread needs to be savored and unfortunately none of you stay close to my place to share the unique taste of this bread. However I’m unable to resist myself from saying that you are truly missing out if you are not ready to try this recipe. As you all know I’m penchant for Want to know more about this recipe?

Jan 242015
Chelsea Buns

Chelsea buns and Cinnamon rolls are very similar with slight variations to one another. Chelsea bun was first created in 18th century in a Bun House in Chelsea (hence the name) and Cinnamon rolls (aka honey buns) was first created around mid 1900s. I’m not sure if Cinnamon rolls simply evolved from Chelsea buns but I would definitely think that Chelsea buns are a much tamer version of Cinnamon rolls. The subtle difference between the Want to know more about this recipe?

Jan 232015
Pumpkin Bread

This is the first time I was tempted to make pumpkin bread. When I was new to baking I’ve tried going eggless by substituting fruit purees and other egg substitutes to the original recipe. Some have been success and some were utter failure with a more dense cake or quick bread. The experience has somewhat put me of from baking with fruit purees as such— Once bitten, twice shy! However every fall when I see Want to know more about this recipe?

May 112014
Japanese Melon Pan

Melon Pan also known as melon bun or melon bread is widely popular in Taiwan, China, and Latin America. It’s a sweet bread that resembles a melon by the looks of it only although there is no melon flavored in the bread. However many manufacturers and bakeries do add some melon extract to justify the name. If you would like to add more to your creativity non-melon versions can also be made with this bread Want to know more about this recipe?

May 102014
Kanel Snegle/Kanelbullar (Swedish Cinnamon Snail Rolls)

Kanel Snegle(Cinnamon Snails) or Kanelbullar(Cinnamon Buns) is Swedish version of the popular American Cinnamon rolls. Apart from the cinnamon that both the rolls share the Swedish version has less sugar and are not sticky like its American counterpart. These Swedish rolls are light, soft, moist with spices added to the dough as well as the filling. The cardamom in the dough adds additional flavor and rekindles your taste with an aromatic sweetness while the cinnamon Want to know more about this recipe?

Mar 252013
Hokkaido Milk Bread

I love to bake and just need a sneeze to make me remove my baking pans out and ready for trying a new recipe. The best part of baking with a group is to be introduced to unique recipes and this recipe is something totally new and unheard in my culinary journey so far. This Japanese style bread uses unique process of using a roux (tangzhong) making the end results absolutely mind-blowing and putting to Want to know more about this recipe?