Oct 182012
Fried Idli Upma

Ok, seriously I didn’t know what else to make and I successfully managed to change a healthy dish into an unhealthy one. I felt very guilty frying idlis (I usually pan fry them with minimal oil) but wanted to taste the fried idlis as I do let my family(myself included) to occasionally indulge in such sinful foods. Idli upma is generally made by crumbling leftover idlis but this time I deep fried mini idlis and Want to know more about this recipe?

Oct 172012
Broken Wheat Upma (Broken Wheat Pilaf)

Do you believe in miracles? I didn’t, until yesterday when my husband came home and said his lunch, which was “Broken Wheat Upma” was delicious. I didn’t know if I heard it right and alarmingly he repeated he loved it. I didn’t know I would hear it from the same man who abhors upma and who can give me 10 different expressions of hate and disgruntled tone with a single mention of the name upma. Want to know more about this recipe?

Oct 162012
Sabudana Upma (Tapioca Pearl Pilaf)

I can’t express my love for upma, I don’t know if its the ease in making or the mixed spicy taste that it provides with different textures all in one bite. My ears and eyes pop up every time some one mentions the name upma. My friends and I meet every Wednesday trying to catch up on local gossip (oh! I admit loud and clear that we love doing it) and more importantly share good Want to know more about this recipe?

Oct 092012
Blueberry Chia Pudding[Vegan]

Every time I go shopping I swear and remind myself with reminder and a reminder for my first reminder to take my shopping list so I don’t end up spending on things not in my list. This time the list made it up to my minivan and I forgot to take them with me to the shop. They say everything happens for a reason and the best thing that happened was I got this small little pack Want to know more about this recipe?

May 252012
Sweet Corn & Tofu Mini Pancakes/Patties

Today, I started out to make corn fritters. But my experiment turned a steep slope towards south and the fritters transformed in to cute little pancakes/patties. I don’t think my kids cared about the name and thankfully they’ve never tasted fritters. So I narrowly escaped the scornful comments and looks. This recipe was adapted from Vegan with Vengeance by Isa Chandra Moskowitz. The taste of my version of this recipe was more like a pancake Want to know more about this recipe?

May 222012
Easy Aapam

As a child I would model my older brother especially when we went out to eat in restaurants. I would wait till he ordered so I can order the same just so I didn’t want him to have a better meal. Even on very rare occasions if I did order a different dish my brother would just make it seem that I missed something terrible and that would be make me one grumpy person. Because Want to know more about this recipe?

May 202012
Aloo Paratha ---Weekend Brunch

I have been trying to sit and write this post for probably an hour. I have edited, reedited, deleted, started over this post for I don’t know how many times. This reminds me of love letters been written and rewritten to make it the perfect one. The house is calm and for once my kids who are already awake is not coming to disturb me, so can’t blame them this time. I’m so distracted that Want to know more about this recipe?

May 192012
Eggless Fluffy Pancakes (The best recipe)

I tasted pancakes when I first went out with my husband’s friends to a pancake specialty restaurant. Loaded with eggs I just couldn’t eat even one and there were no other choice of eggless items in the menu. I eat eggs disguised in cakes and ice creams other than that my face and nose can turn funny with the raw smell of eggs. Since I was with my husband’s friends I didn’t want to show Want to know more about this recipe?

May 182012
Rava-Semiya Upma (Semolina-Vermicilli Upma)

The reason behind taking “Breakfast” theme for this BM is my husband. I am not a morning person and added to that my husband will always be wearing his “Kavasa Kundalam” (the nickname I’ve given to his cell phone). He is on call most of the time he is awake. So sometimes, we do text inside the house to communicate or talk in monosyllable with mute on his conference call. With all that drama going Want to know more about this recipe?

May 172012
Ideal Breakfast --Idli with quick side dish

Before marriage I would always prefer dosas to idlis. When my grandmother used to make idlis I used to show all kinds of faces and she would insist I can’t be this picky and would want me to happily eat it once in a while. With a grumpy face I used to gulp as much as I could and my grandfather who wouldn’t let me have a sad face would immediately come to rescue by Want to know more about this recipe?