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Summer is here and we had a surge of heat wave for a week where the temperature soared to 90s. I did plan to make icebox cake for a long time and decided to do on this uber hot day. However, I didn’t expect, it will be so difficult to take pictures. The moment I set my dish on the plate it started to melt, poor thing couldn’t stand the heat giving the literal meaning to the phrase “melt into a puddle”. Hey! Don’t come to conclusion with my pictures, try it, I guarantee you’ll like it.



Below is my daughter’s testimony.

Please do tell me what an ice box cake is. Because if I imagine what and ice box is, it is one of those big blue roller ottomans, that people put drinks and ice for picnics or a barbeque. But ice boxes are my favorite after this wonderful experience.
I wasn’t really home when my mom made this. She just texted me that she made something out of the mounds of ice-cream newly occupying our freezer. I mean what could you make with ice cream? A smoothie, or a topping, or maybe even a sandwich with something new.
Oh boy, when I went home and opened that freezer, I saw a brown ceramic container with Oreos on top. OREOS?! I said to myself. We never have Oreos! I dropped my bags and my keys and hurriedly took the container out. I unwrapped the Saran wrap to reveal the love of my life. Instead waiting for it to thaw, I set out to murder it with the largest knife I could grab and started stabbing my way to a large square piece. I found so many layers of rocky road and an ice cream sandwich and Oreos and Oreo ice cream. I don’t think it could have been clearer that I had found the one!




Recipe Source: unsophisticook

Oreo Ice Box Cake — (No Bake)


  • Rocky road ice cream -- as needed
  • Ice Cream sandwiches -- 4 to 5 (I needed 4 as my ceramic pan was not wide enough to fit 5)
  • Oreo cookies -- 12 (crushed with 1/4 cup reserved for topping)
  • Hot fudge or caramel sauce topping -- 1/2 jar (I used caramel sauce)
  • Reddi-whip or whipped cream -- 1 can (optional)


  1. Line 9"x5" loaf pan with plastic wrap(I used a ceramic tiramisu pan), leaving some wrap hanging along the sides.
  2. Soften ice cream by leaving them out on the counter for few minutes. This will help in spreading them easily. Spread about 1/2 inch thick layer in the bottom of the pan. Using a knife push the ice cream to all corners and smooth the top to get an even layer.
  3. Add ice cream sandwiches on top of the rocky road and press to make sure they are set tightly.
  4. Pour hot fudge or caramel sauce on top of the ice cream sandwich and spread evenly with a knife. Now add crushed oreo cookies on top of the sauce, reserve 1/4 for the final topping.
  5. Add another layer of rocky road ice cream and fold the hanging plastic wrap to cover the pan. Place the pan in freezer for 4 hours or more to set.
  6. When ready to serve, take the pan out of the freezer and remove the entire cake by lifting the plastic wrap and place the cake on a serving platter. Top off with whipped cream and remaining crushed oreos. Enjoy!!!




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  15 Responses to “Oreo Ice Box Cake — (No Bake)”

  1. Super ! All the ingredients going in are super super delicious, no I am not going to go by the melted ice cream , because I face the situation , but I know the taste is fantastic !

  2. Like these pics your recipe has melted my heart. I would like to try this soon

  3. Mmmm… It looks super delicious 😋😋

  4. Wow your daughters testimony is so sweet. I love it. As for the ice cream cake mmmm love it too.

  5. Your daughter’s testimony is the best. It says everything that should be said about this ice cream cake.

  6. LOVE your daughters testimonial – HA HA

  7. Oh boy, that really calls me!…reading your daughter’s verdict I can imagine how delicious this must have been!

  8. Looks delicious kal. Yumm

  9. I meant looks delicious Jayanthi. Yumm would be the word my daughter would say looking at this

  10. Omg that is a sinful looking ice box cake .

  11. Love the combination of icecream. Sounds wonderful with those oreos..

  12. This looks super delicious. I am sure on a hot sunny day, it would taste heavenly

  13. Thats absolutely delicious. I can understand the thrill your daughter had when she devoured this. 🙂

  14. Oh wow that looks terrific jayanthi! perfect for the weather, and kids favorite too!

  15. Super ! All the ingredients going in are super super delicious, It is very simple to bake. Love it so much…

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