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This is my first Daring Bakers’ Challenge. I was so overwhelmed to see many experts making something new and creating delicacies with ease and I wasn’t sure if I would fit in the group. But my curious mind needed to feel the thrill of a challenge and that is the main reason for me to join the group. The Daring Bakers’ April 2012 challenge, hosted by Jason at Daily Candor, were two Armenian standards: nazook and nutmeg cake. Nazook is a layered yeasted dough pastry with a sweet filling, and nutmeg cake is a fragrant, nutty coffee-style cake. I’m very new to baking but this art is very intriguing and whether the process is long or short the end result is just well worth it.

When I went through the recipe for the Nazook, the name just made me feel alien and I wasn’t sure about the taste. To remind you, I haven’t tasted either Nazook or the Nutmeg cake before. So I was up for some new taste and that made me feel like a child who gets all excited to buy a new toy. First I made the dough for the Nazook and refrigerated it for 4 hours. During the wait period, I made the nutmeg cake. I quartered the recipe for Nazook thinking that 40 pieces would be too much if I go wrong and to sell that within my family is some humongous task. But, after tasting the Nazook right off the oven my opinion completely changed. My son was so excited after tasting it that he called his uncle and grandparents overseas to tell them how awesome this new pastry he tasted. I definitely regret not making the entire recipe and this one is a definite keeper. The Nazook recipe is Jason’s Aunt Aida’s recipe and its such a fool proof recipe that even a beginner baker like me can get success by following the recipe to the dot. The Armenian nutmeg cake is adapted from a recipe for the same in The Commonsense Cookery Book, by the NSW Cookery Teachers’ Scholarship Fund. The nutmeg cake was very soft, fluffy and very tasty, perfect with a cup of coffee/tea.

Recipe for Nazook

IMG 1829


For the Dough:

All purpose flour — 3/4 cup

Yeast — 5/8 tsp (1/2 tsp + 1/8 tsp)

Sour cream — 1/4 cup

Softened Butter — 1/4 cup

For the Filling:

All purpose flour — 3/8 cup (1/4 cup + 2 Tbsp or 6 Tbsp)

Sugar — 3/8 cup (1/4 cup + 2 Tbsp or 6 Tbsp)

Softened Butter — 3/16 cup (1/8 cup + 1 Tbsp or 3 Tbsp)

Vanilla Extract — 1/2 tsp

Greek yogurt or other similar thick yogurt for glazing (I used FAGE) — 2 Tbsp

Method to make the pastry dough:

1. In a large bowl add all purpose flour and mix dry yeast in it. Add sour cream and softened butter.

IMG 1786

2. Using either a hand mixer or electric mixer with paddle attachment combine the flour, sour cream and butter well. Alternatively the dough can be kneaded with hand for about 10 minutes until a soft dough is formed. Cover and refrigerate the dough for 3-5 hrs or overnight, if preferred.

IMG 1787

Method to make the filling:

1. In a medium bowl combine flour, sugar, and butter well. Add vanilla extract. Mix the filling until it looks like a sand. This step should not take long. Set aside.

IMG 1794

Method to make the Nazook:

1. Preheat oven to 350F. Remove the dough from the refrigerator. On a lightly floured surface, roll the dough in to a thin sheet. Spread the filling on the dough evenly covering all edges.

IMG 1795IMG 1796

2. Roll the dough carefully making sure the filling is still intact. Pat the loaf with your palm and finger lightly. Apply the yogurt glaze on the rolled loaf. Using a pizza wheel or a sharp knife cut the dough in to about 10 equal pieces.

IMG 1797

3. Place the dough in a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. Bake in the middle rack of the oven for about 25-30 minutes until the top of the nazook gets golden. Let it cool and Enjoy!!!

IMG 1834IMG 1835

IMG 1832

Recipe for Nutmeg Cake:

IMG 1799


Whole milk — 1 cup

Baking soda — 1 tsp

All purpose flour — 2 cups

Baking powder — 2 tsp

Brown sugar, firmly packed — 2 cups

Butter (room temperature) — 3/4 cup

Roasted Almond pieces — 1/2 cup

Ground Nutmeg — 1 to 1 1/2 tsp

Egg — 1


1. Preheat oven to 350F. In a bowl mix baking soda (not baking powder) and milk and set aside. In a food processor, add flour, baking powder, brown sugar and pulse until all the ingredients are uniformly mixed. Add cubed butter and pulse until everything is mixed in to a tan colored crumbs.

IMG 1788IMG 1789

2. In a springfoam pan, pour half of the crumbs. Press the crumbs with your fingers uniformly lining the pan like a crust.

IMG 1790

3. Add the egg in to the remaining crumb mixture in the food processor. Grate 1 1/2 tsp of nutmeg in to the mixture. Pulse until well combine. Add the milk+baking soda liquid in to the food processor. Combine until a slightly lumpy tan batter is formed. Pour the batter over the crust in the pan. Gently sprinkle almond pieces over the batter. Bake in the middle rack of the oven for 30-40 mins (mine took about 50 mins to cook entirely) and remove the cake from the oven when a tooth pick inserted comes out clean. Cool the cake in a wire rack completely. Slice and Enjoy!!!

IMG 1791IMG 1792IMG 1793

IMG 1810

IMG 1822

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  23 Responses to “My first Daring Bakers’ Challenge — Armenian Nazook & Nutmeg Cake”

  1. Wow, it’s great you accomplished both challenges! It’s my first time too, I only did the nazook.
    However I might just attempt the cake after seeing how beautiful yours is…the pictures are awesome as well 🙂

  2. Welcome to the Daring Bakers!!
    Both of your desserts look great. I had never heard of either dessert before this challenge, either, but I am so glad that I knew about them now!! You did a fantastic job and I look forward to baking with you for many months to come.

    • Same here Shelley. Its wonderful to experiment new dishes and venture out of my comfort zone. Thank you for your kind words and I look forward to baking with you too.

  3. welcome to daring baker’s you did wonderful job in making both desserts, they looks perfect .Delicious. You have a wonderful blog too.

  4. Welcome to the Daring Bakers! Like many others, it was the first time I had heard of these desserts but what a wonderful introduction. Both of yours turned out beautifully. See you again on DB!

  5. Welcome to the Daring Bakers! Your Nazook look amazing, and even more impressive since you are new to baking. Nice job on the challenge!

  6. Excellent job on your first Daring Bakers challenge! Welcome to the group.

  7. Ohh you are apart of DB too.. wow! thats fantastic.. awesome u managed to do both.. they have turned out so well & pics are awesome..super kalakare poo 🙂

    Ongoing Event : WTML

  8. Nice to see you on DB forum. Welcome to the wonderful group. Both the cake and the nazook has come out beautiful. The snaps look awesome…

  9. Your pastries and your cake look like they came out wonderfully!
    Welcome aboard.

  10. Wow these are super delicious. I love them both. They are beautiful.

  11. Welcome to Daring Bakers! Don’t worry, there’s a lot of us that are new and are just winging it 🙂 It’s pretty fun though. And your nazook and nutmeg cake turned out wonderfully!

  12. The Nutmeg Cake looks amazing! So does the “roll-like” Nazook!

  13. Welcome to the daring bakers!
    You did a brilliant job on your first challenge and I think you will have loads of fun with us 🙂
    I didn’t have enough time to make the nazook and everyone’s posts and pictures are making me regret that.
    I really can’t wait to try it.
    I loved how excited your son got and how he called his uncle just to tell him, so sweet

  14. that cake looks so amazing..I’m joining the Daring Club for next month…been approved for Daring Cooks and waiting for Daring Baker approval…can’t wait for the recipe announcement!!!

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