Hi, Being born in a typical Iyer family, I was exposed to primarily South Indian cuisine. The need to start learning the basics of cooking was part of my upbringing. But the curiosity to try different cuisines and experiment with food grew after I got married. My husband is a big foodie just like me and the curiosity and creativity to try new recipes with new ingredients are abundant in both of us (may be because we both are Geminis). We try many vegetarian dishes not just from the vast and diverse Indian cuisine but from other parts of the world too. The possibility of creating and experimenting different cuisines with Indian flavors and my personalization to suit my family’s taste palate makes me act like a child with a new toy. We have two adorable kids and they inspire and encourage me to try new recipes and provide a honest feedback which makes it easier to identify the areas where I need more focus and learning. Comments: I would love to hear from you. But please be nice and courteous in your comments. I hate to remove comments from readers because they were rude, mean, abusive or spam. I would like to remind my readers that they comment in a way they would like to be treated. This makes my job easier. Thanks and I appreciate your cooperation. Copyrights: Being new to blog I learn and continue to learn each day on how to blog. So please respect my time and effort and refrain from plagiarism. I take special effort in making my posts and recipes as unique as possible. So please understand the hard work that is put in making this blog appealing to my readers. All the images and contents of sizzlingveggies.com are copyright protected. All rights reserved, unless otherwise noted. Please ask first before republishing or distributing. And, no hot linking of images. Request for permission or commercial use of photos/content from www.sizzlingveggies.com, email jayanthilakshmin(at)gmail(dot)com.