Born in a typical Iyer family, I was primarily exposed to South Indian cuisine. The need to start learning the basics of cooking was part of my upbringing. But the curiosity to try different cuisines and experiment with food grew after I got married. My husband is a big foodie just like me and the curiosity and creativity to try new recipes with new ingredients are abundant in both of us (may be because we both are Geminis). We try many vegetarian dishes not just from the vast and diverse Indian cuisine but from other parts of the world too. The possibility of creating and experimenting different cuisines with Indian flavors and my personalization to suit my family’s taste palate makes me act like a child with a new toy. We have two adorable kids and they inspire and encourage me to try new recipes and provide a honest feedback which makes it easier to identify the areas where I need more focus and learning.

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  1. Hi Jayanthi,

    Enjoyed going through your Blog thoroughly. Heard a lot about your blog through a colleague of mine who keeps raving about your blog. Very interesting vegetarian recipes.Looking forward to more interesting ones;-)



    • Thanks Smitha and thanks to your colleague too. I’m so glad that you find recipes here interesting and your comments comes as a huge encouragement for me. Thank you again.

  2. Hey Jayanthi
    Its a beautiful blog with each n every recipe worth trying atleast once. How do i subscribe via email?

  3. u shud have a search option as well..

  4. Hi Jayanthi,
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  5. Hi Jayanthi,

    Came across your blog today and I must say, you’ve a wonderful collection of dishes here! I have bookmarked a few and will definitely try them out soon 🙂 Happy to connect…
    Hope to see you sometime @ 🙂

  6. Hi Jayanthi,
    would love to have you test out one of chef Lala Sharma’s Indian recipes from his NYC restaurant ‘Savoury.’ Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have at thanks for you time! -Natalie

  7. Dear Ma’am,
    Browsing your blog and got interested. Love your easy recipes. A great foodie as I am, just love to try an test different recipes at home as I am a stay in Mom. Please send any future updates to my email.
    Thanks in advance,
    Monica Joseph

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