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Oct 242012
Pineapple Gojju [A typical Kannada Dish]

When I first tasted Gojju made by my friend I just knew I had to have the recipe and remake it at home. Somehow I never made a note of the recipe and I completely forgot about this dish until I saw it at Suma’s Veggie Platter. The recipe brought back some good memories of lunch sharing with my friend and the wonderful time we had together as colleagues. We usually enjoy pineapple slices sprinkled Want to know more about this recipe?

Apr 242012
Coconut Tapioca with Pineapple & Lime

After starting the blog I’ve started making many baked goodies and sweets that I feel so guilty and always fear I’ve put on weight somewhere in my body. In order to compensate the extra calories that goes ever so easily in the pretext of tasting, I started running. I thought that running in the natural terrain will give me fresh air and I won’t be bored as I can enjoy the scenic beauty in my Want to know more about this recipe?

Mar 282012
Pineapple Quinoa Kesari

After I started my blog, my family was so excited and they encouraged me with ideas and recipes for the blog. I’m not surprised by their enthusiasm, appreciation, and wishes for my entry in to the blogging world and I’m very thankful to be surrounded by so many well wishers. What surprises me most is getting this recipe idea from my father-in-law. From the time I got married I haven’t seen him cook, but they Want to know more about this recipe?

Mar 112012
Eggless Upside Down Pineapple Cake

I’m getting to be a baker, yesterday I wanted to experiment with baking (blaming on my new hand mixer). I had some leftover pineapple pieces sitting on the kitchen counter top and couldn’t resist the thought of making a cake out of it. I wanted to make it eggless and use up the condensed milk in my pantry which I specifically bought for baking but never got a chance to bake anything with it. So Want to know more about this recipe?

Feb 222012
Hawaiian Pineapple Curry with Spinach Roti

As I was skipping through one of the cookbooks I saw this Hawaiian Pineapple Curry and was too skeptical to cook pineapple curry as a side dish for roti. My husband who was beside me dared me to cook this dish. We were pleasantly surprised by the taste of this curry. I have often make this dish for potlucks and dinner parties. This dish has a rich, vibrant taste and my daughter just loves this Want to know more about this recipe?

Feb 162012
Spicy Pineapple Fried Quinoa

Quinoa is a super nutritous grain. Its loaded with nutrients and I’m the only one in the family who eats quinoa on daily basis. This recipe is the same procedure as Spicy Pineapple Fried Rice that I posted earlier, except that I’ve substituted Quinoa for rice. For more details on how to make this recipe, click here. For health and nutritional facts about Quinoa please visit here.   Quinoa a closer look— Thank you for Want to know more about this recipe?

Feb 162012
Spicy Pineapple Fried Rice

One of the first dishes that I ate in Chinese restaurant was Pineapple Fried Rice about 7 yrs back. Now I find that they are served in many of the Thai/Malaysian or any Asian restaurants. The popularity of this dish is because it has swetness, sourness, saltiness, spiciness and the crunchiness all in the same dish. I fell in love with this dish and my DH was the one who got me to taste this Want to know more about this recipe?

Sep 162012
Cauliflower Crust Pizza

One of the good uses of cauliflower is to make pizza crust out of it. This recipe isn’t time-consuming and doesn’t require any yeast and definitely does not require you to wait for the dough to ferment as in the regular pizza crust. A big selling point for me was the calorie in each slice of this pizza(about 150 calories per slice) which is a fraction of a regular crust pizza. Now comes the warning, Want to know more about this recipe?

May 242012
Mango Cream Pastry Cups

When I often open the fridge one thing or the other slides out and fall right on my feet. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr…clutching my feet I try to scold the poor thing that fell on my feet, like a child. With my daughter’s recent frozen cookie dough fundraising sale (courtesy, her school), I have few more boxes left in my freezer that’s occupying my already dumped precious freezer space. I did try to coax my dear hubby to Want to know more about this recipe?

Mar 242012
Home-made Honey Wheat Bread Pizza

I’ve been wanting to bake a loaf for a very long time. The thought of having to wait for the yeast to ferment with the flour mixture for two rises used to make me put that thought away. I’m little impatient that way, I expect quick results whether its my weight loss goal, what to wear for a party or what to cook for lunch/dinner. The last two questions would make my husband pretend as Want to know more about this recipe?