Mar 192014
Perfect Fridge Cake

I have some preconceived notions that a cake can’t be good without baking and with those thoughts I was completely skeptical of the outcome. There are times when you are exuberant when proven wrong and I had that moment when I took the first bite of the cake. With a fist pump I took it for a potluck and my dear friends were raving about the cake. This cake as mentioned earlier is a no-bake Want to know more about this recipe?

Mar 172014
Perfect Shortbread Cookies

A very simple cookie with Scottish origin that has basic ingredients without any fancy hoola loopa that you need to master in order to make them. Many a times we overlook simple things and over complicate unnecessarily and try to twist ourselves into a pretzel without a clue of where to begin or end. So lets take a step back unwind and try to break down our actions into simple steps and appreciate anything and Want to know more about this recipe?

Mar 162014
Perfect French Toast

When asked the origin of this dish without further ado I sputtered out a victorious France with some attitude and ‘duh!’ (courtesy of my kids lingo) as I presumably deducted from its name. But French toast existed long before France as a country even existed. French toast was created by cooks who had to feed their families with every scrap of food that was left. Even though the recipe calls for soft white bread, even Want to know more about this recipe?