Feb 252014
Mango Chocolate Marble Cake [Eggless]

Marble cake is a joy to make as the designs and the swirls of two different batters are unique each time I make. There is no pressure in making the patterns perfect and the key is to go wild and have as much fun as you can in making the patterns to the wildest of your imagination. I don’t think my kids heard anything about this cake beyond the word Mango and that’s how crazy Want to know more about this recipe?

Feb 242014
Apple Blueberry Chocolate Crisp

I love single serving recipes. They are quite easy to make and perfect for sweet cravings without over indulgence. I get very tempted when a recipe is a success and there’s little I can do to control my hands as it has a mind of its own. The recipe is quite simple to make and can be done from start to finish in little under 5 minutes and are quite handy when you need to Want to know more about this recipe?

Feb 122014
Pinwheel Cookies

This is a basic cookie recipe in two different flavors chocolate and vanilla rolled into swirls resembling a pinwheel. The swirl pattern is so memorizing that it took me few minutes to stare at them after I took them out of the oven. I had to rush the cookies to be stored in an airtight container and up in the top shelf from my reaching hands. I’m all for baked goods and sometimes my rationale Want to know more about this recipe?

Feb 102014
Vegetable Taquitos

My family is known for their penchant for variety in their food choices. Naturally the brain storming and the constant changes in their taste buds adds a big toll in planning menus on a day-to-day basis. I’m always on the lookout for new dishes to try and many a times I try recipes just because the name caught my eye. This recipe is quite easy to make and are loaded with veggies, another score for Want to know more about this recipe?

Feb 092014
Cheese Stick Pizza Rolls

I’m trying to get my reins back into blogging, so please bear with me if my writing is rough around the edges. I’m stammering and trying to communicate my varied thoughts into a single post. I guess I need to take a step back and streamline my thoughts and slowly transition into delivering a good post. I remember the following quote by Steve Jobs when I think about this recipe — “Simple can be harder Want to know more about this recipe?