Mar 252013
Hokkaido Milk Bread

I love to bake and just need a sneeze to make me remove my baking pans out and ready for trying a new recipe. The best part of baking with a group is to be introduced to unique recipes and this recipe is something totally new and unheard in my culinary journey so far. This Japanese style bread uses unique process of using a roux (tangzhong) making the end results absolutely mind-blowing and putting to Want to know more about this recipe?

Mar 212013
Paneer Pasanda [Rich Paneer Gravy]

Paneer Pasanda is a popular dish from Mughlai Cuisine. Mughal or any other royals are famous for very rich and exotic dishes and when I hear the name Mughal all I can remember is the history lessons I so painfully endured during my childhood days. I used every curse and swore off as many things as I could for forcing me to remember historical dates and the nightmares I endured days before history exams. Man, Want to know more about this recipe?

Mar 132013
Tzatziki [Cucumber Yogurt Dip]

Just like “how a fly is attracted to a light” I’m so attracted to recipes with unique names and especially those that can twist my tongue like an acrobat (without making me bite my tongue of course!). This recipe not only has the name that makes you hit your brakes but also lets you take the next step of actually going through the recipe. Once you scan through the recipe even a novice can spot Want to know more about this recipe?

Mar 102013
Garlic Almond Potato Spread

It’s amazing how simple ingredients and a simple recipe can definitely make your life simple! Sorry, just got carried away with how easy with this recipe and hence the previous statement. Get all the ingredients and blend them together coarsely and voila, you have your spread ready. How much simpler can it get. But the name of this spread is quite complex to pronounce and that’s the only trouble you might face. This spread is Want to know more about this recipe?