Mar 212012
Baked Poha Cups

Today’s recipe is one of my spontaneous creations. I was rushing and juggling many things and that is one of the perks of being a mom for three kids (Don’t be alarmed, the count is right— my daughter, my son & my husband). I wouldn’t consider my husband to be a picky eater like a child, not all the time except when it comes to upma. He just doesn’t like rava upma. Period. I love Want to know more about this recipe?

Mar 202012
Sour cream Coffee Cake

I signed up for Taste & Create this month, where you are partnered up randomly with other participating bloggers and need to try and blog one of your partners recipes. This month I was paired up with Min (bad-girls-kitchen). She had blogged about many recipes but I wanted to try one of her cake recipes. I love coffee cakes and she had shared her mom’s classic recipe for a sour cream coffee cake. I followed Want to know more about this recipe?

Mar 202012
Lijad Papad chat -Chinese style

I love lettuce wrap we get in a local Chinese restaurant. They give a bowl of filling (mix of finely diced tofu, water chestnuts, spring onions in Chinese sauce) that you stuff inside a big leaf of lettuce and eat. Well, I wanted to add a twist to that recipe by having it with Lijad papad. I like to eat spicy food on cold rainy days and this snack adds the right kick and zing. Want to know more about this recipe?

Mar 192012
Thenga Araicha Kuzhambu of course with a twist

Today is my Day 4, Blogging Marathon #14. I love to bake and the past two blogging marathon posts were baked goodies. Today I forced myself to think of something that will not need the oven and this kuzhambu came to my mind. I’ve been wanting to blog about this super delicious kuzhambu for a while. It’s a mix of both traditional tamarind kuzhambu as well as moor kuzhambu (buttermilk stew). I learnt this recipe Want to know more about this recipe?

Mar 182012
Puff Pastry with Poornam Filling

Today is my Day 3, Blogging Marathon#14. I had lot of ideas jotted down when I signed up for the “traditional recipes with a twist” theme. This is one of the ideas and the experiment did not turn out as I expected in the shape but it surpassed my expectations in the taste. The main idea of this recipe was to make modakams (kozhukattai) that we make on Ganesh Chathurthi in puff pastry instead of Want to know more about this recipe?

Mar 172012
Aloo Paneer Parotta Baskets

Most of us are aware that, “Failure is stepping stone to success”. Because it fuels determination and forces you to think and use your creative mind that brings the required change. After I scheduled my backup post for Day 1 of my blogging marathon, I was thinking why did I fail in my Aloo Paneer Pie. The filling was really delicious but the crust had something missing more or less and I couldn’t just brush Want to know more about this recipe?

Mar 162012
Kiwi Rasam

Today is Day 1 of Blogging Marathon#14, started by Srivalli. The theme I took is somewhat challenging, “Traditional recipes with a twist”. Today I experimented with Aloo Paneer pie and got a wonderful whiplash from my family for spoiling their food and I sheepishly thanked them for being my guinea pigs. This recipe is a backup recipe I made during the weekend, to make mends with such disasters in my kitchen trials. This rasam my Want to know more about this recipe?

Mar 152012
Bell pepper Rice (Kodamillagai Sadam)

I was in a rush to make something quick for lunch and the only vegetable I had in my refrigerator was bell peppers, so I made Bell pepper rice. The recipe is extrapolated from my mother-in-law’s Vangi Bath (Eggplant rice) recipe. It’s quick and easy to make and very yummy. The crispy and colorful green and red bell peppers, the aromatic masala powder along with crunchy bites of peanuts and cashew nuts gives a super Want to know more about this recipe?

Mar 142012
Sarvapindi ---A Telangana recipe for Indian Cooking Challenge (February)

It’s been a month that I started this blog. I joined Indian Cooking Challenge in a quest for new recipes, trying new cuisines, and making new friends.The challenge is hosted by Srivalli, the idea for this month’s recipe is by Usha. Srivalli gave us two detailed recipes from Ranjani and Lavanya. I just followed Srivalli’s notes on the announcement page. I’ve never eaten Sarvapindi (“Sarva” means deep hallow cooking bowl and “pindi” means snack) and Want to know more about this recipe?

Mar 142012
Karadiyan Nombu and Adai Recipe with a story

Karadiyan Nombu otherwise called Masi-Panguni Nombu is a festival celebrated by South Indian married women and can be closely compared to Karva Chauth. The story of Sathyvan-Savithri and Savithri’s devotion to her husband is remembered that day and the women pray that they should never be separated from their husbands. The kanya (unmarried girl children) also pray for their future husbands. So yesterday I made the jaggery adai (special sweet made of rice flour) and Want to know more about this recipe?